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Something’s missing from statistics on loss of US Citizenship


The above graph shows the officially released statistics for renunciations of US citizenship over the period 2006 to 2013.

The blue line takes statistics from the Federal Register, the red line is from the FBI list publicized in order to list renunciants who are not allowed to purchase firearms.

There are serious deficiencies in the data.

First, the data states only those that have actively renounced their citizenship, paid $450, and made oral statements to the local US embassy as to their renouncements.  Those figures do not include those who have “relinquished” their citizenship, by having stated that they have performed a relinquishing act such as working in a federal government, military, or most often those who had taken upon a 2nd citizenship some years ago when such an act automatically cancelled US citizenship (duals were not allowed)>

However, none of it matches anecdotal evidence of those who have been going through such a process. 

The Federal Register is known as the “Name and Shame” list, as there is no functional reason for listing the names of persons having renounced their citizenship other than to shame such person

For example, in Belgium, a moderately sized country, the embassy has mentioned that they are processing about 5 renunciations per week, and that this is happening at embassies EVERYWHERE.   With 190 countries in the world, this would imply 1000 renunciations per week.

In Canada and Switzerland, where awareness of FATCA is very high, most embassies and consulates have waiting periods ranging from 2 to 18 months.

No one could confirm the accuracy of these lists.

There has been at least one denied Freedom of Info request to get the real numbers, and there is a new one out for which we are waiting to receive the results.  The real issue at hand is what are the REAL numbers.



Warning from Africa to persons about #fatca, #OVDP, & the #IRS !!!

I just received this mail in my Hotmail inbox.  It must be the Africans reporting on USA’s #FATCA, OVDP, FBARS, and the IRS
—–Original Message—–
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 2:55 AM
Subject: Re: Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
FROM CRIMES OFFICE (Executive Chairman)
Motto: No Body is Above the LAW
                                                                                      BE CAREFUL OF THE HOODLUMS
Firstly we introduce this commission, Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (CRIMES) we fight cyber crime, Internet fraud, scam and money laundering in Africa and London United Kingdom Our commission has been in existences since 2004 and our duty is to stop Internet fraud. We have over 7,500 of them in our jails around Africa and UK and we are still looking for these IRS Internet fraudsters and we are aware that a lot of foreigners have been deceived a huge amount of money has also been lost to this IRS fraudsters after promising you percentages in their letters for you to help them move funds and they will end up demanding for money from you and in return you will get nothing.
The Leaders of the African Crime fighters has come together to inform the world what is going on now and we have tried to recover over $422 Million Dollars (Four Hundred and Twenty two Million Dollars) from the people we have apprehended. The reason we are writing you this letter is because your name was given to us by one of the IRS fraudsters in our detention room after serious investigation and our aim is to refund all lost fund to its legitimate owner.
The Government has approved a total of (us$4.2Million) only as the compensation of the lost that you incurred as this was a ceiling rate as some suffered more while others suffered less to and the idea is to restore you back to the position that you would have been if not that you are defrauded. In addition to the compensation amount also approved in your favor is (us$4.2Million) only will be paid to you in the next few days.
You are advised to reconfirm the below listed information’s to enable us facilitate an immediate release of your ATM Master Card to you.
Full Name:
Residential Address:
Delivery Address:
Direct Number:
Occupation& Fax Numbers:
Private Email Address:
We are doing this in other to retain the good image of this great country, the president (Good Luck Ebele Jonathan) has instructed the payment of (us$4.2Million) each to 200 victims both Internal Revenue Service Etc. Due to his political straightness, all that you have to do right now is to contact this Office and furnish us with the following data of yours immediately as we intend finalizing this payment in few days time.
Please and Kindly report any suspected email of scam received by you and stop any further communication with anybody or IRS office suspected to be scam artist.
Mr. Mohammed Maleek
CRIMES Executive Chairman,
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Checklist for your #FATCA IGA on your asteroid or in your country

Here is the Checklist that we have used for the implementation of a FATCA IGA, here at l’asteroide B612
Due to the groundswell of international interest in FATCA, I thought that our asteroid would share our decision process with your leaders of your asteroid.   I know that Obama’s Treasury goons are threatening your banks with 30% withholding sanctions if you do not comply, and various other sticks and marginal carrots behind the closed doors on your asteroid, so it is important that you weigh all of the factors prior to your capitulation and delivery of your bank data, corporation data, and citizen data to the Internal Revenue Service of Planet the Galaxy (IRSoG), formerly known as the IRS of USA.
FATCA negotiations work like this:

Check to make sure that no one in your family and no one in your circle of friends is a US person.

If you, yourself, open a new account on your asteroid, you must sign W8-BEN stating that you are not a US person.  All of your family members, also.

Here is the USA penalty for your citizen not knowing they are a US citizen:

FAQ 52.2: Taxpayers who are foreign residents and who were unaware they were U.S. citizens.

Example 1: The taxpayer was born in the U.S. to parents of foreign citizenship. She grew up in a foreign jurisdiction, unaware that she had been born in the U.S. She has a $60,000 account in the foreign jurisdiction. She has never filed U.S. returns or FBARs. She became aware she was a U.S. citizen when she had to get a birth certificate in order to obtain a passport from the foreign jurisdiction where she resides. Unless she decides to opt out, she is entitled to the reduced 5% offshore penalty. Subsequent to learning of her U.S. citizenship, taxpayer took no action with respect to her foreign accounts that would disqualify a U.S. taxpayer from the 5 percent penalty under paragraph 1, above (this means the penalty returns to the 27.l5% penalty of everything she owns)

Here is the penalty process for your citizen saving in the various national  or asteroidal tax-free retirement plans (which are always taxed-up to the USA tax rate by USA)

FAQ 54 : If you have a retirement or pension plan in a foreign country (other than a plan described in FAQ 54) for which you believe there is no U.S. reporting requirement and that you believe should not be included in the offshore penalty base, you should contact the OVDI hotline at (267) 941-0020.

WHAT PENALTY APPLIES FOR YOUR CITIZEN (who USA calls a US person according to USA laws) LIVING ON YOUR ASTEROID?   You don’t know, and you will never know for sure, because these are US laws.  US laws change whenever USA decides to change them.

Check how much has it cost and how much will it cost for your asteroid’s banks and your asteroid government to implement FATCA.

Note that FATCA was said (with little analysis) to create $870 million in revenue for USA, no matter how many hundreds of billions of implementation costs are suffered worldwide.
How much are your asteroid’s banks investing compared to that?
Oh, by the way, did you know that USA reciprocity is a joke?  If you want reciprocity, both houses will have to vote to give it to you.  The Republicans have the majority in the House of Representatives, and here is their position on FATCA (repeal):

The Republican National Committe RNC resolution to repeal FATCA passed Jan 24, 2013.  Repeal of FATCA is now a platform of the Republican party in the coming elections, where the RNC had resounding applause in support of its own citizens living overseas.

Do you understand that your FATCA IGA reciprocity beliefs require that the US Congress must pass domestic legislation to deliver any reciprocal FATCA data?
Do you understand that the Republicans control the House of Representatives?
Do you understand that the House must pass such a bill first?
Do you understand that any “treaty” would have to be ratified by 2/3rds of the Senate?
Do you understand that the Senate does not have a 2/3rds Democratic majority?
Do you understand that an Intergovernmental Agreement is not a Treaty?
Reciprocity is a key element in agreements between countries.  Do you indeed intend to go forward with an Intergovernmental Agreement for FATCA as a unilateral delivery of expensive personal data of your country’s citizens to USA?

There is this little thing going on effective January 2013, which on the surface looks like it might give our asteroid some reciprocal data.  Unfortunately, the below article calls such existing automatic agreements “….these new rules are, as an example of all Agreements to Exchange Tax Information, absolutely ineffective and completely absurd. The US is not showing its willingness to reciprocate NRA information with foreign countries since it limits the reporting obligation to (a) US sources of interest, (b) individuals only, and (c) practically zero countries, since the IRS does not necessarily have to share the information with any country aside from Canada, according to the aforementioned IRS Revenue Procedure” (below, at the bottom of the page you see Canada)

Are you aware that this data upon your citizens is then free for forwarding to NSA, CIA, and any other agency of choosing?

Are you aware that such data upon your citizens is not regarded as US tax information (Sect 26) (it is controlled by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, FINCen, Sect 31)?
Are you aware that the data you would be sending would be persons SUSPECTED of having US indicia?
Are you aware that such persons whose data has been sent have no method of defending themselves against what might happen to them in a 3rd country?

Here is the information provided by Carl Levin, the major supporter of FATCA in the Senate, where he describes that your (an my) Swedish information will be handed over to the various 3-letter intelligence agencies as is decided by USA.
Your asteroid will have control of that personal data until the time that it sends it via internet at the XML site publicized.  The minute it hits the internet your asteroid has lost control of its security and destination.  It WILL go through the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FINCEN, and WILL be collated by FBI, CIA, and NSA, so as to gain information in any way.  The leading Senator of FATCA, said it in this letter.
The data is not sufficiently controlled so as to not leave the system and enter into foul hands.  Today, personal data is used by data thieves to get IRS refunds.  You may google all of the data security problems that are being experienced with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) website, where personal details have already been forwarded to the wrong recipients.
TIGTA has already identified that over $20 billion has been paid out in fraudulent tax refunds filed with the IRS.  Remember, FATCA is supposed to bring in only $870 million annuallly according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.  This goes to point above – the IRS has absolutely no internal controls yet to safeguard taxpayer information.  If a fraudulent return is made to the IRS in someone else’s name, that other person is liable!  Example:  If I got your SS number and other details somehow, and I filed a tax return with the IRS that requested $500,000 tax refund, and the IRS pays it – and then finds the details of that return are false, you are liable – at least until or if the IRS catches me somehow.  Of course, they are doing a better job inside the USA, but how on earth would they do this on an international basis?
For a citizen of your asteroid SUSPECTED of being a US person, who is not guilty of such:  What recourse are you proposing?  How does such a person receive justice from a country he has nothing to do with?
In addition to the point made about US laws changing anytime, you are working with RULES made by the administration.  Such RULES can be changed by the administration at any time.  For example, the rules that I gave you about your citizens who did not know are US citizens were changed LAST WEEK (those were minor changes to that FAQ, yet it still illustrates the point).
FATCA, in this regard, is merely an “enabling act” for the IRS to impose any and all changes they want to going forward.  Once any asteroid agrees to the IGA, they are agreeing effectively to permit the IRS to alter any and all terms of the process however they want, and they will point to the IGA as having given them authorization to do so.  These IGAs will stay in force stay in force until one party or the other abrogates them giving 1 year notice – during which time the IRS would merely negotiate “technical changes”, but the authorization remains in place.  That’s why FATCA is a Trojan Horse!

Don’t forget that your IGA changes a bank’s individual decision to comply or not comply to USA law, an IGA requires ALL institutions to comply regardless of their relationship with USA products.

Which laws will you be changing in order to implement FATCA on your asteroid?

As an example, this letter from Swedish bank association details all of the Sweden laws that must be changed in order to be able to implement FATCA in Sweden.  Don’t forget also that discrimination by nationality or planet of birth must also be updated in the consitution of your asteroid.

What benefit do you believe that your citizens would have in such a FATCA agreement with USA?

Enjoy your USA laws in your asteroid’s banks and your millions of dollars of compliance fees from your asteroid’s banks to USA compliance companies and your desperate codependent belief that USA will reciprocate.  The only thing you will get back from the Galaxy’s IRS is MORE DEMANDS.
There is absolutely NO reason why any government in their right minds should sign this IGA!!  But the Achilles Heel in this remains the dual citizens; the IRS presents this as a USA taxing “just” its own citizens.  But dual citizens are just that – no asteroid can (or should) establish laws disadvantageous to a sub-class of their citizens because they are being threatened by another planet, or all issues of sovereignty might as well be scrapped!

EU Hypocrisy censures Denmark for overtaxing its citizens overseas, “Welcomes America” to tax EU citizens via #FATCA


“EU: Denmark unfairly taxes citizens who work abroad: Denmark may face legal action for violating the EU right to free movement by unfairly making Danes who work outside the country pay more tax than those who work in Denmark

Political outrage
The eurosceptic parties Enhedslisten and Dansk Folkeparti have condemned the EU for interfering with Danish tax law, with DF spokesperson Pia Adelsteen calling the situation “grotesque”.

“Tax law falls under our national jurisdiction, which the EU needs to stay far away from,” Adelsteen told A4.

Lead opposition party Venstre, however, said that the EU is trying to protect the labour market’s right to free movement, not Danish tax policies.

“It is about whether Danish workers are being treated fairly with regards to their income from foreign countries,” Venstre MP Eva Kjer Hansen told A4.

Whilst EU “Welcomes America” for FATCA

Denmark has signed an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with USA, which will deliver all of the names of the Danish Citizens and Danish residents who are suspected of also being called “US persons” (extra-territorily taxed by USA, due to improperly-cancelled green cards, birth in USA, or having one US parent).   These persons will be penalized by USA for not having paid their dues to the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

In summary, we see Denmark bowing to the US lords of global taxation, whilst fighting adamately against its own EU governing body.

Perhaps, its because the goal of Denmark must be to maximize the amount of taxation that its citizens must submit to somebody, regardless of who they must send it to.  




Open Letter to Riksdag & Anders Borg, regarding implementation of USA #FATCA law in Sweden

Dear Riksdag & Anders Borg

I write to you today asking a simple question: Do all Swedish Citizens have the same rights under Sweden’s laws and our Grundlag?

The government is quietly negotiating a new tax information sharing agreement with the United States that we fear will remove those rights from Swedes whom the U.S. wants to claim as their own.

How can you sign away Swedish Citizens living in Sweden to the fate of another country’s laws?

There are at least 40,000 people in this group, with another 40,000 family members who will be affected by any agreement with the U.S. that compromises their rights.

We are law-abiding, responsible, tax-paying Swedish citizens and residents, many of us here for decades or our entire lives.  We live from North, South, East, and west.  We have studied, worked, retired, earned an income, owned homes, raised Swedish-born families, volunteered, voted, participated in our communities, donated to Swedish charities, saved, invested, planned for our children’s education, their and our own disabilities and our retirement and diligently paid our federal, provincial and municipal taxes.

Sweden is not a tax haven.  There is absolutely not a signal person in the Universe who would move to Sweden or invest in Sweden in order to avoid taxation.  The thought is ludicrous.

But now we are suffering as a foreign government tries to hunt us down to give us our financial penalties.  There have been many sleepless nights. Marriages have been strained.  Health and careers have been affected. Some have even contemplated suicide.

Our Swedish citizenship for us should entitle:  “2 § “Den offentliga makten skall utövas med respekt för alla människors lika värde och för den enskilda människans frihet och värdighet.”  We have met our obligations, and we now respectfully ask you, and the government of Sweden, to meet your obligations to us.

As you are fully aware, the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) demands Swedish banks, credit unions and other financial institutions provide information to U.S. Internal Revenue Service – either directly or through the Canadian government – on our accounts with them.

This is a nightmare for us, and it should be for your government.  Those accounts are often held with Swedish-born spouses and children.  Those assets were earned, saved, invested and taxed entirely in Sweden. Income was reported to Skatteverket and taxes paid.

If we refuse to provide consent for transmission of our information to a foreign government, USA via FATCA expects our Swedish banks to declare us “recalcitrant” and close our accounts.

FATCA violates Swedish banking, privacy and human rights laws and Svenska grundlaget.  Yet, under foreign threats and Swedish willingness for reciprocity that will never come, Swedish banks and financial institutions may violate those rights – possibly with help from your government through the imposition of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA).

Your officials are negotiating in secret with American officials for a “solution both countries will find agreeable.”  There should be no negotiating fundamental svenska grundlaget.  It should be clear.  Swedish laws and grundlaget protect all Swedish citizens and residents.

Anything less makes us second class Swedes and surrenders Sweden’s sovereignty to a foreign power.

So, again, the question is simple.  Do Swedish citizens and residents born in United States or with some bizarre past U.S. connection have the same rights as all other Swedes?

We implore you to answer now.  This nightmare has dragged on too long.


Please forgive my Swedish writing skills.   Many of us are immigrants to Sweden and new citizens.   We don’t understand the difference between citizens with full rights and citizens with partial rights.

Readers should know that Sweden is preparing to jump off the same bridge, simply because other leaders from other countries are jumping off the bridge.  Sweden and every other country in the Galaxy are also caving in the USA.

Some, like Sweden are welcoming USA FATCA law implementation in Sweden.  Simply google “FATCA” and you will find the major USA compliance firms working to charge enormous sums to Swedish banks to implement US law in the Swedish banks. Scotiabank, a multinational similar to Nordea, Handelsbanken or DBS, has stated its FATCA implementation cost to be $100 million.  Or, search “FATCA” on the riksdagen site and you will get about 18 hits, all describing how Sweden welcomes the US FATCA law for Sweden.

Here on l’asteroide B612, we are also forced to implement FATCA at Banc Centrale.

Revised: Svenska grundlaget (Swedish Constitution) & EU Question

2 § “Den offentliga makten skall utövas med respekt för alla människors lika värde och för den enskilda människans frihet och värdighet.

2 § “Public power shall be exercised with respect for all persons  equal value and for the individual’s freedom and dignity.

Recently we were informed that according to point 1.4 of the terms and conditions of investment deposit agreement of Swedbank:


1.4 The Bank does not offer or sell investment deposit to US persons and the Client hereby confirms to the Bank that it is not a US person. The Bank has the right to terminate the agreement immediately if the Client is a US person or becomes a US person during the term of the agreement. The Client undertakes to inform the Bank immediately of any circumstances which could cause the Client to be qualified as a US person. The Bank can also use public information when assessing the qualification of a client as a US person. A legal person can be a US person, among other things, when it is established in the US, acts in accordance with US law, has a US postal address or has some business activities in the US. A representative office or a branch of a foreign legal person can be qualified as a US person on same conditions. A natural person can be a US person, among other things, when it is considered a US resident for tax purposes or if the person stays in the US for some time for educational or work purposes. A person can be considered a US person also under other conditions deriving from US laws…

Does the Commission consider that this condition of Swedbank is related to the recently adopted US law FATCA, the ongoing IGAs on it and the legal uncertainty for the FFI as to the extraterritorial application of FATCA?

Is the Commission aware that the extraterritorial effect of FATCA could lead to banks on the territory of the EU refusing to take US clients?

Does the Commission consider this practice as a violation of the general principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination, or any provision of the EU treaties? Does the Commission consider that the definition of’ US person’ could also include EU citizens, which would mean that EU citizens could be affected directly by US law on EU soil?

“Banks have the right, under the contractual freedom principle, to decide with hom they want to contract. They can in any event refuse clients for sound commercial reasons” (that US persons are too expensive to service in Sweden or the EU)






IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT NATIONALITY IS BEING DISCRIMINATED (whether you like them or not, whether they pity them or not, whether you respect them or not).




You laugh, you don’t believe this could all be true–but here is Riksdagen & Regeringen implementing USA law inside Sweden:

Living Obituary for the US expat / diaspora population. USA’s #FATCA #Euthanasia Program for those inflicted with the #FBAR & #CBT diseases & possessed by the US-personhood demon!

Expecting FATCA forced euthanasia, the US expat & diaspora community is able to write its own obituary.  Having suffered the disease of citizenship-based-taxation and the FBAR blood-letting of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for their entire lives, FATCA is the final forced Euthanasia.   The administration has attempted with OVDP amputations of the diaspora body—chopping away 27.5% of the diaspora’s disease-ridden bodies, but it has been to no avail.   When FATCA kicks in during fall 2015, the end will begin.

You see, only US persons suffer from the disease of taxation by their home country—no matter where they live in the world.  No other nation does this to its citizens and persons.  The symptoms of this disease are significantly higher accounting costs, higher employment costs, and a number of unique taxations upon retirement funds, unemployment benefits, and US health care taxation.

US persons are assumed to be committing a crime if they have lived outside of USA.  Hence, each year, they must report their savings accounts, retirement accounts, college-saving accounts, and other instruments back to US FInancial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), on a Form called FBAR.   If the reports are not received yearly on the Financial Crimes internet site, these persons are assumed guilty, without statute of limitations.  A US person must not only report on his own personal financial details, he must also report the details of his corporation, spouse, or sports club—if that US person is a volunteer treasurer or international executive.   The fines for not reporting in begin at $10,000 per violation, and go up to 300% of everything that suspicious US person owns, or even up to 300% of what that corporation owns!.   You see, US Citizens cannot be trusted to live outside USA.  that’s why they must report to the FInancial Crimes Enforcement Network.

During the last few years, due to other developments with treating bad people that live in USA, the USA learned that it could possibly treat these diseases with a clemency called Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP).   This is essentially an amputation of 27.5% of the asset of the US person.   This was  effective for innately criminal people in USA who were truly a problem and truly criminals—those criminals are now leading fully productive lives after having amputated their criminal portions.

However, that same OVDP amputation treatment has been offered to benign persons outside of USA who have no criminal tainting.   A large number of US citizens indeed have been through that amputation ( ).   Some of those who have chosen those amputations are persons who simply caught the US/person disease by having been born in USA.

This final FATCA disease is hitting now.   Banks all over the world have been tasked to flushing out all US persons where-ever they live, and storing their private financial data.  In the fall of 2015, this data will be sent to USA.

In 2015, the USA will begin processing that data, and begin implementing the FBAR fines according to the Financial Crime Enforcement Network rules.  The fines could be $10,000, or they could be 300% of everything these US persons owned.  Penalty Liens will go out to those persons, and the US will begin to collect upon those liens using any and all means possible: revoking passports, using collection agencies where these persons live, denying entry to these persons at the US border.  However.  The details of these programs have been in discussion and are nearly ready for implementation.  This FATCA is essentially a final Euthanasia of these tainted US persons.  Having the IRS bankrupt the US expat / diaspora population is essentially active Euthanasia.

To date, there is a small quantity of persons who have exorcized themselves of this US person.  The lucky ones are here  ( )  However, since this personhood lies in 7 million+ persons with no visible symptoms, there is little that one can do without knowledge.

Let’s remember them for what the media & Congress has been saying about them:

“They are all rich! Right.  The population of US persons overseas has the same breadth of background as do homelanders.  Congress, the administration, and the media have had a full blitz propaganda campaign out to smear its own US expat 7 diaspora population.

“They are all evading taxes” Right.  More than 80% live in high-tax locations such as Canada, France, Finland, Australia.  They already pay much higher taxes than what they would in the Homeland.

“They get all the services of USA!. Right.  They get all their services locally-healthcare, infrastructure, and all.  US consulate services (emergency evac, passport printing,etc) are all performed for a fee—the consulate system is one of the few profit centers in the US government.  The only time that the USA has come in to “save” its citizens was during the invasion of Granada–and that threat was, uh, that threat was, uh, what was that threat again?

“The US army protects them” Right.  They live in western countries where they have armies.  Do their neighbors also pay USA for USA protection? The only time that the USA has come in to “save” its citizens was during the invasion of Granada–and that threat was, uh, that threat was, uh, what was that threat again?

Let’s remember them for what the administration wants from them.

The US listed debt is $17 trillion.  US “unfunded liabilities” are estimated over $85 billion, for example ca. $15 trillion for social security and $30 trillion for medicare..

Even with this disease of taxation, more than 80% of US citizens overseas owe no legitimate tax to USA.  However, the USA still wants 100’s of pieces of paper from each one of them, filling out an unintelligible stack of IRS forms each year.

What the USA wants is its “tax up” portion.  It wants money for things that have not yet been taxed, or not taxed enough.  If a US person is working in a low tax country, the US wants the difference in taxes for USA.   So, if the US person is working as a contractor in Qatar serving the oil industry, he’s not taxed in Qatar but he’s taxed up by USA.   This doesn’t happen to a German, it happens uniquely to a US citizen.  (Obviously the oil industry is much more interested in hiring less-expensive non-US person employees).

Let’s remember them for what they did

The US expat community used to be a corps of citizen ambassadors.  Not any more.

The US expat community were boots-on-the-ground for US businesses.   Many were franchised and many were employed to represent US businesses and sell products overseas.  Not any more.  Now it will be persons of other countries.

The US expat community were naturally favored to order US products and services from the homeland in their jobs.  Not anymore.  Knowing what they know about the disease USA is bringing to them, many of them have lost that tendency.

The actions of US persons abroad had been contributing positively to the US trade balance.  In fact, the only way for US trade to function was to have US persons out in the world.  But not anymore.  The US trade went negative in 1976 when the first instances of this disease hit the expat population.

Please, let’s keep a warm appreciation for what USA’s expat / diaspora community had done.  This community is coming to its end.  Please read this obituary prior to it happening

The final Euthanasia of USA’s expat / diaspora community

As 2015 ends, so will begin the beginning of the end for most of USA’s expat & diaspora community.  A very few will be saved.  Of course, those that have exorcised their US personhood have been freed from it (that is, unless Congress passes more legislation to further go after them).   There has existed a very small number of people (less than 300,000 of the 7 million +) who had known that they should have been registering themselves as Financial Criminals with FinCen.   That small number will be saved.

Oops, forgot to mention the Homeland!

We haven’t yet discussed the population of legal and productive dual citizen immigrants inside USA–they have the same disease lurking in their bodies and they also do not know it—they will suffer the same fate.



Message to the Homelanders: Whoaaa. You guys are really up on things! “Democratic” Underground censored me, here is a copy-paste of what they didn’t want you to see:

1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, Delaware. According to one investigation, that address is home to 217,000 corporations . Google it. The Vice President, whose home is in Delaware, does not want competition for the business of his home state. That’s why he has started this hype.

If he was worried about Mitt Romney, why did the president hire Jack Lew as Secretary of the Treasury?

The majority leader of the house (Senator Harry Reid fromNevada), he doesn’t want any competition, either

Here is the profile of the man chosen to lead the US Treasury Department (chosen by the amateur president)—a real clean guy?

Offshore? Try South Dakota

And, just to show that it is a bipartisan effort, google “Wyoming” and “beneficial owner”

Keep the faith! the Amateur-in-charge is the savior of change.

#FATCA Dick’s Hangout in Oslo


In 2007, PWC finished construction of an uber-modern building in the most expensive city in the world, in the most expensive location in the city, creating an obvious need for a continuous revenue stream.   On Sept 2, 2008, J. Richard Dick Harvey joined IRS from PWC Price Waterhouse Cooper .  In April 2013, Norway became the sixth country to sign an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on FATCA with USA.

PWC committed to be the first building to be built in the “Barcode Concept” in Björvika district in Central Oslo.  There are fewer locations which could be better than this:  a few meters from the ultra-modern Oslo opera house.  At the edge of the train tracks–spitting distance from the train platforms.   The high speed train to the airport is on one of the nearest platforms, uniquely situated at ground level within meters of the PWC door.  Nearly all local buses stop at the front door of the train station.  The regional buses (connecting throughout Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) are in the next building.  Within a kilometer are the docks for the ferries traveling overnight to Denmark and Germany.  Oslo’s main tax office is directly opposite on the other side of the tracks.  The government buildings are within 800 meters, caddy corner across the train station.  For pictures, see these:   (construction pics of the next buildings built) (the area, including a capucino-ish discussion of thus area (the opera block) in Norwegian)  architectural background  ditto

Being accountants, let’s assume that PWC has made the calculation of the amount of revenue needed to be produced per square foot (meter).  Besides the considerations of location costs described above, consider that the design is “airy”, meaning that there is square footage where debitable hours cannot sit.  Many Norwegian modern companies have a gym in the basement or ground floor.  Next, the employees would be newly hired to fill the building. They require training in US accounting methods.  The workweek is 37.5 hrs.  It is atypical for a Norwegian employee to work overtime, if he did, overtime rules are the norm.  All young Norwegians would be have 13-14 months of parental leave per couple per child.

European and Norwegian businesses are not known to take risks.  Most projects must be sold prior to investments.  “Back-to-back is the corpo jingo, meaning that a paying customer must be found first, prior to investing.

This building needs a consistent, high-yield revenue source.

Building finished 2007. Dick leaves PWC for IRS 2008.  Dick begets FATCA 2010.  Dick begins as a key negotiator for IGAs shortly after.

Where should Dick focus his efforts? On strategic countries where “tax cheats” might hang out.  Or in strategic low-tax countries where he might flush out some US-person revenue sources.

And the sixth country that Dick’s dicks find is Norway?  Whereas US capital gains & dividends & interest rates are 15%, Norway’s rates are 30%.  All banks in Norway require persons to have Norwegian government registration numbers, either as a full time resident or part time resident.  You can’t even order internet without a Norwegian identification number.  A US homelander, hiding money, would he be looking for a place where he would get a government id number?

What is Norway’s interest?  Reciprocity?  Indeed, Norway is incredibly hungry for its citizens’ money out in the world, knowing that it has 49% top marginal tax rate, most Norwegians are looking for someplace else.  Dick offers them the standard reciprocity bs, “promising equivalent levels of reciprocity” whilst demanding Norway to do this or to do that by which date.  Norway ought to be smart enough to have known this was bs.

However, Norway has a strong and intrusive media regarding taxation.  Taxpayer’s net assets and income had been available in the gossip newspapers up til 2010, and is still available on any neighbors if requested.  Anders Breivik’s mother was reported to have had a US bank account (“offshore”)..  If Norway could get some tidbits which could make the Norwegian govt look good in the media, what a great deal it could be!    It may be only a couple million dollars versus its bank’s FATCA compliance costs in the billions, but there is incredible political strength in supporting media coverage.

So what does Dick give to Norway?  A sensational set of “John Doe” summons of US banks, looking for the names of Norwegians using US credit cards in Norway to have summed a few million.  So Dick’s tenders arrange for this DOJ summons.   Likely they found some lutefisk importer in Minnesota, and some Norwegian-American Jew leftover from WWII flight selling Norwegian salmon to various US bagel & lox cafe’s.  It’s at most a couple million dollars, but such a police action by USA in the interest of finding Norwegian tax cheats–what great stories could be made in the Norwegian media!!

Overall, its a win-win situation for 95% of the participants.  USA gets no real legitimate tax revenue, but: Norway gets great media coverage of US summons raids looking for Norwegian tax cheats.  Norwegian banks are already the strongest in the world, it won’t hurt the super majors like Nordea & Handelsbanken to dish out $100 million each in compliance costs.  Besides, they can just pass it on to their customers.   And Dick gets what Dick is after:  guaranteed hundreds of millions of compliance invoices to Norwegian banks.  The perfect method for funding a new office building with newly hired debiteers.

Well, maybe 5% might be a bunch of US person schmucks, who have committed the USA major crime of not having filled in a form they knew nothing about.  But, who cares? They are so far away they hardly vote anyways–and if they do its just washed out amongst the 50 states and overcome by the Homelanders.

So, there you have it!  A brand new building!  A new brain leader for the IRS!  And a guaranteed revenue stream to pay off the building in the most expensive location in the most expensive city in the world!

So, in the interest of finding dirty people in a place where none would ever logically be found, a minority of innocent people are trampled.

So, how about you, seen any new PWC construction in your town near the turn of the decade? Any of Dick’s Hangouts in your town?

You and I know where the dirty people really are located.

And you and I know what’s necessary after performing a dirty deed:  A thorough Dick washing.



A letter home from Everyman A. Broad

Dear Sam,

Like so many of my buddies that have been serving overseas, I am writing to you to tell you that our relationship is nearing its end.   It may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, but it is going to come to an end.

I address you by the masculine nickname which we have come to use for you, which is much easier for me.  Your real name that you were given at your birth, is so beautiful and has so much meaning and brings such feelings of love and admiration–that I cannot bear to use it.  Perhaps as you changed, people stopped using your full name—they used that nickname, they used your last name, they used your middle name, and they used your initials.  Why have people stopped using your first name?  It was all so beautiful, it symbolized at your birth what a wonderful thing you could have been.

You don’t deserve it, but I’ll give you the explanation why.

I used to ignore how you treated others.  It wasn’t necessary for me to force you to act as I would have expected someone in my family.  I had trusted you and I had assumed that you would take responsibility for your actions as a member of my family.   As I became more aware of what you were doing, I had still held on to you. I justified your actions to my friends. I defended your honor, even when you had none. As your actions became more blatant to me, I laughed them off in a way that was meant to show my friends that I didn’t care because I wasn’t worried.

But recently, I have found out, that your mean-spirited, self-centered actions had been turned on me.   You conspired with your evil and mean-spirited nearest friends, and you developed a plan to come after me.   You tricked a large number of people in order to make it happen.  You continue to bully and lie others so that you can get to me.

You’ve taken away my rights as a human.  What should have been unalienable rights, unquestionably given to all individuals, was taken away by you.    These rights should have been allowed to me without question, but it seems that, in order for me to have my rights as a person, that I need to persuade the whole damn country.   At least, I have to persuade a few hundred people that my rights must be respected by you.

How do I do that?   Do I start some massive campaign to persuade the masses for my own rights in our relationship?    These hundreds of people that are involved in this decision—they are all under your influence, via your closest and nearest and most evil mean-spirited friends.    When they are all out shit-talking me to every damn person in the world, how the heck do I stand a chance to influence them?  You’ve taken all of the power of all of the resources and you’ve turned it against me.

Since I first learned what you have been trying to do to me, I have been trying to change you. But you won’t listen. I’ve been forced to communicate through your hundreds of friends. And you’ve told all of your mean and dirty friends to ignore me. I’ve worked and worked and worked to change you. I’ve invested countless hours trying to change you, but it is becoming obvious that it is fruitless, and you are heartless to the core. I am getting really, really tired. Soon, it simply will not be possible to try to change you.

It’s hard to believe, with the way you treat me, that I’ve stayed with you this long.  You are only interested in taking everything I have.   The only reason that I have had to stay with you is that you have taken possession of my home.  If I want to stay in my own home—the place where my family has called home for 140 years, I need to pay my allegiance to you.

Each year, I’ve spent hundreds of hours, working just for you.  I file your papers, I sign them, I swear by them, and I hope each year that you like them.  But it’s never enough–every year you just want more-more-more.

I’ve wanted to grow as a person, but all you have done has held me back. If I want to grow as a person, I must pay my penance to you—more, more, more. More papers. More explanations. I will never be free to simply make the total relationship for all of us better. You just want more of a smaller and smaller pie.

There was once a time, where you were a leader of our family home.  However, til today, you have become nothing better than a mean and dirty landlord.

I suppose you can justify your actions.  You’ve taken the title on my home.   You and your dirty friends have gambled away the family savings.  You’ve created your own Ponzi—an airplane scheme branching out to 300 million people.  And now the Ponzi scheme is faltering—you are looking in the darkest places to find a solution, and you remembered me.  You believe that getting my money is going to bail out your entire Ponzi.   I hate to tell you sweetheart, but my total assets might keep your Ponzi scheme going for another 1.5 seconds.

You really should be completely and totally ashamed of yourself. When you were born, your parents had made everything possible for you to be the physical and moral head of the household. But you’ve done everything your parents have said you shouldn’t do. And no one has had the resolve to stop you.

With your suspicious and mean demeaner, certainly you will accuse me of wanting to proceed with something provocative towards you.   This, again, is one of your traits, assuming that I might do something based upon some presumption you have created.

Because now, under your new rules, I must prove my innocence to you, I can assure you that I have nothing in my moral character or capacity to create any harm to anyone.  It is part of my moral character to not involve myself in something such.  You need not send your evil friends after me to ensure that I will do as I have always taught myself to do.

I really would prefer that you leave my family home, and allow my family to take back its possession.  I realize that this is most likely not to happen.   I realize that, logically, I should give up my home, and sever my relationship with you.  I know that I should do it earlier rather than later, so as not to suffer the consequences of your wrath.

I may hold out longer, in hopes that you will become a better person, so that I can return to my home.   I sincerely doubt that this will happen.  So, at some time, you will wake up, and you will find out that I am gone forever.

I know that there are others—many many others. You need them for your Ponzi. I can imagine that the others will suffer as I have. The longer they hold on to you, the more they too will lose.

For what it once was.   It is inevitable that I will have no choice, but to say goodbye, forever.

I am soon to be,

Your former partner and admirer,

Everyman A. Broad

As always,