FATCA’s Corpo Papa says “I’m proud of this tumorous growth produced from the fruit of my loins”

The Big Dick

Or, “This Dick begat a cancerous Tumor: Soon to become GATCA after DATCA: Analyzing the thoughts behind the creation of FATCA”, looking at statements of IRS Commission Schulman’s Right Hand Man: Richard Harvey.

Another blogger in the network plucked out this doozy made by FATCA Papa himself, and plucked out this video, where FATCA was introduced as his own brainchild:

The blogger picked up a couple key points, however did not fully realize how much information could be revealed from that video. Perhaps he was limited by time. In order to not suffer the problems of time, I am going to take the liberty of using this blog as a rolling account of the thoughts I have which I can’t get on paper so quickly as to be useful for any readers. Perhaps you have noted that the other blogs here are updated in order to correct errors and to make some additional posts. Perhaps that is not the proper behavior of a news writer, but, if the politicians aren’t limited by the expectation of proper behavior, why should any blog hack be chained by the rules? So, check back on this post periodically (like other posts) and you might find some additional info.

Let’s start with an easy point first, looking at the biography of J. Richard (Dick) Harvey Jr., former Senior Advisor to the Commissioner Douglas Schuman. The biography will reveal heaps of what drives this man, and what drives this man in creating such regulations.

Now, looking at this biography, things are just too easy for a blogger like me: In 1978, he began working at PWC. In 1986, PWC promoted him to work in the United States Treasury, where he worked for “Tax Reform” in order to implement anything that PWC might need for future consulting revenue streams. Having then worked for PWC in what could be nothing other than its subsidiary the USA IRS, and having successfully written in a stream of regulations favorable to PWC, he was then brought back to PWC as a partner to share in those revenue streams.

In August of 2008, he was brought back to the IRS. His new assignment’s purpose could not be anything other than to further Schulman’s interests for the domination of U.S. Securities firms over the competition from Securities firms NOT in USA. Dick’s major customers at PWC are exactly the same, as he is PWC’s “U.S. Banking and Capital Markets Team Leader.”

Of course, again the assignment he received from PWC (could he have somehow put his “partner” (ownership) status into some blind trust of somesorts? How could he not create legislation that will ensure revenue streams for PWC through infinitum?

(Note that Dick’s boss Shulman was vice chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a large nongovernmental regulator of U.S. securities firms. At FINRA, he has broad responsibility for strategy, services and operations. We know where his loyalties lie also)

As this analysis continues (time permitting), note that his hiring is 2 years prior to Congress passing FATCA. He could be nothing other than the papa of the FATCA tumorous growth which was to be planted in the societies of the rest of the world.


Hopefully I’ll be able to update this later, and fill you in on the progress of this tumor produced by this big Dick.






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