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25 March 2014 FATCA Meeting in the Swedish Parliament Riksdag

(correction the date is today, 25 March, and nothing else)

Sweden meets today to accept US law to govern taxation of Swedish citizens living in Sweden, today at 11 am. If not, USA will apply 30% economic sanctions upon Swedish banks. Most affected are those persons such as Leonore Lillian Maria, whose parents forced them to be Born in the USA. There will not be discussions about any such persons, as the Obama administration has strictly instructed Sweden that those issues will not be discussed. Only the banking association and the American accounting firms will be present (KPMG, PWC, osv) and participate as demanded by the administration of President Barack Obama. After the meeting, the media will inform you that Sweden has discussed tax evasion (which is, uh, by the way, people nearly like Leonore Lillian Maria, except that they have little money, they are not rich, do not hire expensive accountants, and have not moved or moved back to Sweden in order to avoid taxation.

Please check your birth documents to see if you might be a US person. If you are suspected to have a joint bank account with someone suspected to be American, you will be reported to the IRS. If you are a Swede suspected of having one American parent, you will be reported to the IRS. If your Swedish business partner is suspected of being American, you will be reported to the IRS. If your Swedish corporation is suspected of having an accounts payable clerk who is American, the corporation will be reported to the IRS. If you are suspected of having a US work visa (Green card), you will be reported. If you are suspected of having had a US Green card in the last 10 years, and you did not file IRS form I-407, you will be reported. If you are suspected of having had a US address or US telephone number connected to your bank account, you will be reported. The risk of penalties for not reporting such persons is quite high, so the banks are likely to simply suspect everyone of harboring a US person, hence they can just as well report ALL of their Swedish bank customers to the IRS.

If you are not a US person, just be aware that your bank is implementing this program at a cost of $100 million per bank for every large bank in the world. The costs will be passed on to you. When you open a new account now, you will be asked to sign a paper stating that you are not a US person.

All the banks in the world are incurring these costs so that the USA can collect $870 million more in taxes from people who are citizens of other countries and who are living in their own countries.

Your media will not be reporting this information to you, so if anyone wants to know what is happening, you will want to give thise link or cut and paste this information and inform your friends.

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