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#Sweden one-up’s USA’s #FATCA & #FBAR: Assumes all of its #Expatriates to be Corrupt

Whereas US FATCA program assumes all of USA’s expats are tax cheats, Sweden does one better and considers all of its expats as being corrupt.  In both systems, the accused must prove himself innocent because otherwise he is assumed guilty.

The US FATCA system requires the world’s banks to police expatriate US citizens, by demanding their bank account balances, Social Security numbers, and addresses and personal information. The Swedish system requires Swedish banks to inquire and store data upon the political status of its expatriates. It doesn’t stop there-it requires the same status upon the relatives of the account holder.  And, same as FATCA, if the account holder doesn’t comply the account is to be frozen by the bank.

Although this documentation is demanded by the Swedish government, the bank association “assures” the bank customers that the bank holds the information confidential. Right–why does a bank perform police investigations—is the bank then going to prosecute those that can’t prove they aren’t corrupt?—Well, maybe not, but it will freeze the account and stop the usage of most of the functions in the bank account.  Freezing bank account functions as a threat to force private-information disclosure is as close as one could get to deputizing a financial institution with unconstitutional police powers.  I wonder if that old grundlag is really worth anything at all?

Sweden has followed the US’ lead, in deputizing the world’s banks to police over the citizenry.

The worst possible combination for a Swedish citizen could be that the Swedish citizen is an expatriate located in USA.  In this case, the person is assumed both a tax evader and corrupt.  This became evident in a recent story upon Swedish TV, where a man received a series of questions asking the origin of the money in his account, if he was a US person, and the whole series of questions about the political activities of himself and his relatives.

Apparently, the bank (Nordea) had combined a form which assumes that anyone suspected of a US person must prove himself as not being a tax evader, together with the assumption that any Swede living outside Sweden is corrupt.

With a population of only 9 million—Sweden could be on its way to have a more intrusive government than its big brother USA.




Rought translation: If you live abroad

If you live abroad, special rules apply. Your bank needs to know if you have a high political post or high post in the state, a so-called politically exposed persons, or if you are a close relative or a known associate of such a person. These stringent regulations are aimed primarily at combating corruption.

With a high political post or high post in the State referred
Heads of State or government, ministers and deputy or assistant ministers;
Members of Parliament,
Judges of the Supreme Court, judges of constitutional courts or other similar judicial bodies at the high level,
senior audit of the boards of central banks;
ambassadors, diplomatic envoys and high-ranking officers in the armed husband, and
persons who are included in the state-owned company’s management bodies

With close relative meaning
wife / husband,
partners who by law is equated with wife / husband,
children and their spouses or partners, and parents

The information the Bank receives about you is treated as confidential and subject to banking secrecy and the Personal Data Act

SVT story upon FATCA arriving in Sweden

Shortlink for this article:


USA Treasury Launches Global Citizen Tracking System, Code Names: #FATCA & #IGA

In a four year, $200 billion global development program unknowingly initiated by Congress, the US police force FINCEN has implemented a global tracking system of US citizens, their assets, their bank account numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and their social security numbers. The system allows the US information to be leaked to Al Quada, ISIS, kidnappers, and other affiliates—alternatively to be taken over as rebel groups overtake the areas where these organizations operate.

Greenwald has hopped over it. Snowden missed it–because it isn’t covert.

The system was quietly passed in a US domestic Jobs Bill, called the Jobs for Mainstreet Act, 2010 HR 2847. The enactment was nearly invisible to the media, and few of the Congresspersons even realized what it was that they had passed.

With passage of the act, a massive administration misinformation campaign was initiated, saying that the administration and treasury were out looking for 1%’ers and FATCAts.  This was to enable a muzzle against resistance and to be able to portray any opposing political parties as supporters of Tax Evasion, initiators of money laundering,  harborers of terrorists, and possibly “cat killers”.   The misinformation campaign has been largely successful (domestically and internationally), as only a few small media outlets have mentioned it.  Only a tiny handful of legislators have dared to speak against it. Members of Congress are terrified to speak against it or of it for well-justified fear of reprisal from captive media.

The administration and Treasury have been traveling extensively to these regions–to train Islamic banks in the techniques of finding “indicia” of US citizens. Upper-level Treasury appointed administers such as Jesse Eggert have traveled extensively through the region for training sessions with Islamic banks. Those IRS officials have been praised by the Sheik of Finance in Qatar for aiding those banks.

This action has been heralded in Russia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Nigeria, where the demand for identification of US citizens has skyrocketed. With this tool, low level employees, administrators, and corrupt bank officials now have access to the most sensitive personal information of US citizens and have no restrictions placed upon them for passing the information onwards to interested individuals and organizations.

The organizations in Afghanistan which are holding this data are: Afghanistan International Bank, United Bank Afghanistan, BAKHTAR BANK, New Kabul Bank Afghanistan, Afghan United Bank Afghanistan, Afghanistan Commercial Bank, Branch, AZIZI BANK, MAIWAND BANK, GHAZANFAR BANK, The First MicroFinanceBank. These organizations, their highlevel employees, and low level adminstrators are known to have ties with tribal heads in their regions. Many of these organizations are tasked also with storing the assets of tribal lords.

In Yemen: Cairnwood Global Technology Fund Ltd, Branch Yemen, Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain, Tadhamon International Islamic Bank, NATIONAL BANK OF YEMEN, SABA ISLAMIC BANK, YEMEN KUWAIT BANK FOR TRADE AND INVESTMENT, Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank, Yemen Bank for Rec and Dev,  International Bank of Yemen, Islamic Bank of Yemen, lkuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank, Yemen Commercial Bank, ISLAMIC BANK OF YEMEN FOR FIN AND INV.

In Libya: Alejma’a alarabi bank, Libyan Foreign Bank, United Bank for Commerce and Investment Libya, Aman Bank for Commerce and Investment Libya, First Gulf Libyan Bank, Banque Sahelo Saharienne BSIC Libya.  Most of these banks are located in areas which are not accessable to US personnel.
In Nigeria, 33 organizations have been deputized to store US citizen names. In Ukraine, 202 organizations have signed up with the US government for this program.  It is most likely that more than 25% of these institutions are in rebel-held territory.  These banks have limited resources and thusly are questionable.

In Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Communist China, Algeria, Colombia, Kosovo, and others, a unique agreement between Treasury and foreign governments, code-named “IGA” has been implemented. Here, the Kosovo government has been deputized to store US citizen data. FINCEN has placed a great trust in these governments, because FINCEN does not trust US citizens.

What is an IGA?

An IGA is an Intergovernmental Agreement. In this case it is an agreement with the Executive Branch of the United States Treasury with the mentioned foreign governments. These agreements are not authorized by Congress in the way a treaty would be. Don’t forget, that the Constitution requires any foreign agreement to be ratified or initiated by Congress. And this isn’t.  This is solely an agreement between the Obama administration and these selected countries.

This system has begun implementation in more “friendly” countries prior to the mid-term elections. US citizens have already been identified in less sensitive neutral countries such as Sweden, Austria, and Thailand.  After elections, the information gathering will be ramped up significantly.

These governments and institutions will be collecting and storing this “FATCA” data outside of US territory for the coming period of 6-9 months. At the end of the period, the information will be shared with the United States police agency “FINCEN”.

A citizen warning has been placed out at the website location below.  It is also explained that it is of no help to discuss this with the ambassador in the named countries, because the ambassadors have been tasked to arrange for signatures upon the agreements and to aid in identification of US citizens.

US citizen alert:

List of foreign organizations implementing “FATCA” program

List of countries implementing “IGA” program



Important Personal Security Planning for US Citizens, US Green Card Holders, and their Families Located in Sensitive Regions, Regarding #FATCA and IGA’s

This system will be fully functioning by spring of 2015. US persons should be fully informed of this procedure by that time.

Follows is information about events which should be considered versus your personal safety. It is up to each individual to determine if he/she is comfortable with this situation in these locations. This is not new information–this system has been developed during the course of 4.5 yrs in conjunction with the US Treasury and these governments.

If you are a US citizen, please be aware that many unstable governments have been deputized to hold your most personal and private information, such as your social security number, local identity number, bank asset values, bank account numbers, address and telephone number.  Please be aware that there are little (if any demands) as to how this data shall be stored and communicated.

This is valid for any “US person for tax purposes” who is identified in any country of the world. A US person can be a US citizen, a holder of a US visA (“Green card”), a US-owned business, and any family member or business who might be sharing financial resources and financial signature authority with a US person.

Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA’s) have been made with a large number of foreign governments, who have been enabled, entrusted, and deputized with critical personal information about all US persons.

Some sensitive countries to note are Armenia, Hong Kong, Iraq, Nicaragua, Moldova, Paraguay,Taiwan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Cabo Verde, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Malaysia, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan

You may discuss this issue with your US embassy. However, please be aware that it was the embassy that implemented this and negotiated this.

A list of ALL the countries storing this data upon US citizens, Green Card holders, and their families is listed here.

A list of all banks storing this data upon US citizens, Green Card holders, and their families is listed here.

More information is available here

#FATCA’s Shady Sides–a Growing List

Don’t tax him—Don’t tax me—Tax the man behind the tree. A number of additional questionable issues also come up when running search terms related to FATCA.
The spending is strictly domestic infrastructure
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), was a portion of the domestic stimulus bill HR 2847 Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act.  FATCA’s revenue is derived from US citizens overseas, whilst the stimulus is strictly domestic. Here is a spending breakdown applicable for a House version in December 2009.
 $154.4 billion for infrastructure projects, aid to state and local governments to preserve public service jobs and additional assistance to those affected by the recession. The total includes $48.3 billion for highway construction, mass transit and other infrastructure projects. The Senate may take the legislation up early next year. The funding for infrastructure is broken down as follows:
•Army Corps of Engineers- Civil Works : $715 million
•Bureau of Reclamation: $100 million
•Clean Water SRFs: $2 billion
•HUD Public Housing: $2.065 billion
•Highways: $27.5 billion
•Transit: $8.4 billion
•Amtrak: $800 million
•Airports: $500 million
•Ship Construction: $100 million
Yet the revenue is international–from US citizens overseas
Although said otherwise, FATCA’s revenue is derived from using a penalty structure intended for criminals upon unsuspecting residents outside USA.  There are old and forgotten rules, which had required criminals inside USA to report yearly to a national police unit called the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN).  The report is the Financial Bank Account Report FBAR.  If a criminal inside USA had not reported his bank accounts outside of USA, then FINCEN would be able to confiscate between 50% and 300% of that criminal’s assets. It’s an Al Capone type law from 1970—if they can’t really prosecute somebody, they can just assume that they are guilty of tax evasion.  Although such laws are useful for police units—such laws aren’t constitutional and went to war with England a couple of times in order to get away from that sort of police activity.
FATCA awakens that old law and redirects it at honest US citizens, holders of un-terminated US green cards residing in their home countries, and dual citizen immigrants living inside USA.  Whilst the talking points used in the passage of FATCA talk about all of the bad-guy tax evaders, the reality is that their objective is to acquire international funding for the domestic projects.  FATCA’s method is to acquire all of the banks of the world to identify their innocent resident US citizens, innocent holders of US green cards, and the bank accounts of each person who has innocently emigrated (temporarily or permanently) to USA.   It matters nothing to the US IRS that these persons are not criminals and should not be threatened with 50%-300% fines of everything they own.
FATCA is a huge burden upon foreign banks—–who will be deputized IRS agents. 
The world’s banks will be tasked with $200+ billion (ref 1) of costs for implementing the US domestic law. These costs can seriously damage the world banking system.
The Administration has a Motive–It’s own favorite personal banks
Those that passed the bill are heavily funded by US-established banks, such as Goldman Sachs.  Here are the contribution amounts to those who are listed as having voted
(Y) Senate Obama, Barack $996,595 (D)
*    Senate McCain, John $230,095 (R, an avid FATCA supporter) (*N)
(Y) House Himes, Jim $155,098 (D)
(Y) Senate Dodd, Chris $112,500 (D)
(Y) Senate Specter, Arlen $47,600 (R)
(Y) Senate Reed, Jack $30,100 (D)
(Y) Senate Baucus, Max $26,000 (D)
(Y) Senate Harkin, Tom $24,580 (D)
(Y)Senate Lautenberg, Frank R $24,100 (D)
(N)Senate Chambliss, Saxby $22,400 (R)
(Y) Senate Collins, Susan M $21,900 (R)
(Y) Senate Warner, Mark $21,800 (D)
(Y) Senate Landrieu, Mary L  $20,700 (D)
An amendment to fund Barack Obama’s Corrupt Partner was denied
Nacy Pelosi disallowed an amendment which would prohibit ACORN from using the FATCA stimulus subsidies. FATCA is the political action group whose activities have included voter fraud.
Any commenter is free to elaborate upon and explain the illegal Intergovernmental Agreements which were signed with foreign governments.
The shady sides of FATCA can be located. Any commenter can add more shady things found.
(1) info for stimulus breakdown

Double Jeopardy—Global Psychopaths at the #IRS

How to screw a Finn with a hotdog stand in Finland

Penalties layered upon penalties–this is the culture of the IRS. And don’t forget–the IRS is now responsible for health care. If you live outside the US, The IRS will give a penalty first for not having reporting yourself, and then disallow your normal deductions, also.

If you are a citizen of Finland, living in Finland, but once have had a US residence visa (greencard), you are required to file US tax forms until you have formally filed the US IRS form I-407. If not, the potential IRS penalties could be bankrupting.

For example, if you should have a business (such as a Finnish hot dog stand), you are required to file either form 5471 and/or form 8865.

Form  5471  ʹto  report  that  a  Finnish citizen  living  in  Finland  is  a  10%  or  more  shareholder  in  a   Finland corporation.  Used  by  certain  U.S.  citizens  and  residents  who  are  officers,  directors,  or  shareholders  in  certain  foreign   corporations.  The  form  and  schedules  are  used  to  satisfy  the  reporting  requirements  of  sections  6038   and  6046,  and  the  related  regulations.

Form 8865 is similar. God only knows which form should be filed, or if both forms need to be filed.

Failure  to  file  Form  5471  penalties:  $10,000  failure  to  file  penalty  per  year  per  person  required  to  file.
A  $10,000  penalty  is  imposed  for  each  annual  accounting  period  of  each  foreign  corporation  for  failure  to   furnish  the  required  information  within  the  time  prescribed.  If  the  information  is  not  filed  within  90  days   after  the  IRS  has  mailed  a  notice  of  the  failure  to  the  U.S.  person,  an  additional  $10,000  penalty  (per   foreign  corporation)  is  charged  for  each  30-­‐day  period,  or  fraction  thereof,  during  which  the  failure   continues  after  the  90-­‐day  period  has  expired.  The  additional  penalty  is  limited  to  a  maximum  of  $50,000   for  each  failure
Form                     Recordkeeping         Learning  about  the  law  or  the  form         Prepare,  send  

5471                    82  hr.,  45  min.                      16  hr    14  min.                                24  hr.,  17  min.
Sch.  J  (5471)     3  hr.,  49  min.                         1  hr.,  29  min.                                 1  hr.,  37  min.
Sch.  M  (5471)    32hr.,  3  min.                                      12min.                                              43  min.
Sch.  O  (5471)    10  hr.,  45  min.                                   24  min.                                            35  min

(              p16)

The hotdog stand owner is required to file forms requiring (much) more than 150 US tax accountant hours.  If he doesn’t do it–can’t do, or won’t do it, the penalty can be $50,000 per failure. That sounds bad. But it would be great to just have closure.

What did you say? No closure?

That’s right. It doesn’t end there.

If an individual shall fail to file forms 8865 or 5471, the individual must reduce his foreign income deduction by 10% for each 8865 and 5471.

reference form 1116 line 12 instructions p 16 (middle section)

The IRS dominates the judicial, executive, and legislative branches.  The IRS runs your healthcare, and determines every aspect of your life. The IRS has the powers of legislative, executive, and judicial branches. And few, if any of the Bills of Rights apply.

Don’t forget. We are talking not only about the situations inside USA, we are talking about the situation in a hot dog stand in Finland, owned by a citizen of Finland who lives in Finland.

Cooking the Books at the Federal Register: What Has the Executive Branch Been Feeding You?

graph of expatriations

Are US Refugee statistics correct?

Hmmm. What’s up here? Does 2+2 = 32? Why are the US Federal Register published statistics off by a factor of 8? Is this “truth”? Is this “competence”? Is this “leadership”? Is this “‘information’ for ‘formulating an opinion’?” What kind of opinion is meant to be formulated with this kind of “information”?

The President turns to his staff mathematician and asks: “Quick, what’s 2 = 2 ?” The mathematician answers, “The answer is straightforward: 2 + 2 is exactly 4.” The President turns to his staff statistician, and asks the same question. The statistician replies: ” The probability that 2 + 2 lies within the region 3.5 and 4.5 is 98% “. The President turns to his appointed first report at the Federal Register, and asks the same question. The administrator responds “What would you like it to be, Mr. President?”

Federal Register Statistics (the ones published all the time, shown as the line in the graph):

Let’s look at what the Federal Register has reported, as acquired from Wikipedia’s “The Federal Register Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen to Expatriate” (source referenced “A” below). This is a list which supposedly reports the quantity of Expatriating individuals from USA–the number is supposed to include 1) renunciants, 2) relinquishers, and 3) those long-term residents who have terminated their visa’s  (“this listing, long-term residents, as defined in section 877(e)(2), are treated as if they were citizens of the United States who lost citizenship.” (“A” & “B“))

FBI statistics of renunciants only (red bar on the graph)

A renunciant is one who has gone to the embassy and directly stated to the embassy that has traveled to the embassy and stated a consulate-standard oath of renunciation of US citizenship. For this privilege, (s)he must also now pay $2350 to the consulate. A relinquisher is one who has performed a particular act with the specific intention of losing his citizenship. Such an act could be such as working within a foreign government, or taking upon a foreign citizenship with the specific intent of simultaneously relinquishing US citizenship.

A database of those who have renounced their US citizenship exists at the FBI. This is a result of the Brady Bill which disallows renunciants from purchasing firearms. To meet the intent of that act, the list only holds the category of renunciants. Let’s make the assumption that the FBI is both correct and honest, and use it’s renunciation data with other newly data. (See references “D“, especially the first)

Loss of Long-term visa status, I-407 (shown by green bars on the graph)

The final category of expatriation is those who have held green cards. In order to be completely final of US personhood, a green card holder must file the I-407 IRS form which states that he is terminating his visa status.Only recently has a list of those terminating their greencard status with form I-407 been released.  (see reference “C“)

Adding (Renunciants) + ( I-407 visa turner-inners) makes the stacked bar graphs

Therefore, with correct statistics, it should be able to add the FBI list of renunciants (the red bar) to the FOIA list of I-407 greencard turner-in-ers (the green bar, acquired from the FOIA referenced “B”  below.) to make a sum.  This is done by stacking the two bar graphs.

Adding relinquishers to the stacked bars: not available

The quantity of relinquishers is needed to complete the analysis. However, this is not available.

Green bar (I-407 visa turner-inners), Red bar (Renunciants), + Relinquishers (not available)

The stacking of red and green should be less than the total amount of all three categories which should be in the Federal Register line graph. However, the Federal Register line is not below the graph, it is drastically under the graph.

Comparison of the stacked items to the line

The difference below the line graph down to the stacked bar graphs should have been the quantity of US citizens relinquishing their US citizenship.

Let’s look at the data in the graph to evaluate the honesty and accuracy of the administration’s Federal Register data.

Whoa! What do we see? Not only is there no relinquishers’s mentioned–the data in the Federal Register is 8 times lower than the portion of the stacked data. This is an exponential inaccuracy.

.What could be the reason for these Executive “inaccuracies”?  A boo-boo? (the proper word for that is incompetence). Round-off errors? (perhaps the figures are meant to be rounded off to the nearest odd 100,000?).

Or is it some other agenda? Is Mythster Robert Stack of the Treasury helping to back up his “and Facts” Sheet? (see refs)

It appears that the quantity of individuals choosing to expatriate has little basis in accuracy. The Federal Register’s expatriation list is known as the “Name and Shame” list, as there is no functional reason for listing the names of persons having renounced their citizenship other than to shame such person. This falls in line with the President’s summer speech where he backhandedly attacked the refugees leaving his FATCA & FBAR dragnet.  He was openly flailing the foreign subsidiaries who are trying to achieve corporate refugee status outside the reach of the US’ extra-territorial taxation system., “…But stopping companies from renouncing their citizenship just to get out of paying their fair share of taxes …”. With this one sentence, the president managed to smear an entire group of refugees leaving USA.

(Lest we not forget–a refugee leaving the US is muzzled from speaking about why–that the FATCA and FBAR dragnets are after him.  If he shall speak, the refugee is automatically labeled a “covered expatriate” and subjected to an automatic 30% exit tax. And, be reminded that the exit tax from the Wehrmacht was only 25%!).

Altnernative anecdotal data

With no access to factual data, one must turn to anecdotal information in order to attempt to pursue a truth.

For example, in Belgium, a moderately sized country, the embassy has mentioned that they are processing about 5 renunciations per week, and that this is happening at embassies EVERYWHERE. With 190 countries in the world, this would imply 1000 renunciations per week!

In Canada and Switzerland, where awareness of FATCA is very high, most embassies and consulates have waiting periods ranging from 2 to 18 months.

The administration itself has reacted–by locking the doors to people of lesser means. First, the administration raised the renunciation fee from zero to $450.  And last month, the renunciation fee was raised to $2350. Compare this to the costs of acquiring a passport–$135.  Imagine that–he’s made it so that a renunciation from USA is 17 times more valuable than a passport to USA!

The data shows that the statistics of the administration just do not add up. What is the motive? What is the agenda? With this data available and analyzed, the burden of proof now lies upon the administration to fact up with its “statistics”.


White House Inversion Misinformation Campaign in High Gear, Tuesday, September 30, 2014,Written by J.D. Foster
The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, For Immediate Release July 26, 2014 , Weekly Address: Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes,

Myth vs. FATCA: The Truth About Treasury’s Effort To Combat Offshore Tax Evasion, By: Robert Stack, 9/20/2013,

More than 3,100 Americans renounced citizenship last year,: FBI,   Global News ,

 A) Line graph that “…..Inclusion of non-citizen former permanent residents: The Quarterly Publication is required to include the names not just of former U.S. citizens but of certain former permanent residents as well. Under 26 U.S.C. § 6039G(d)(3), “the Federal agency primarily responsible for administering the immigration laws shall provide to the Secretary the name of each lawful permanent resident of the United States (within the meaning of section 7701 (b)(6)) whose status as such has been revoked or has been administratively or judicially determined to have been abandoned.” The Quarterly Publication includes a statement that “for purposes of this listing, long-term residents, as defined in section 877(e)(2), are treated as if they were citizens of the United States who lost citizenship”…..

B)   “For purposes of this listing, long-term residents, as defined in section 877(e)(2), are treated as if they were citizens of the United States who lost citizenship.”

“the Federal Register is not supposed to include just ex-citizens, but certain ex-permanent residents as well: those who held their green cards for eight out of the past fifteen years.”

C) FOIA response, yields I-407 numbers, green on graph

D) FBI statstics for renuciants only, red on graph  FBI statistics say three thousand renounced U.S. citizenship in September and October 2012
(following used for figures for following periods)
 FATCA,  February 12, 2014, U.S. list of ex-citizens full of errors, duplication,  By Patrick Cain, Global News,
Isaac Brock Society, FBI: nearly twice as many renunciations in first seven months of 2013 as in same period last year
Isaac Brock Society, FBI did not add any renunciant records to NICS in March 2014 , Posted on April 3, 2014, by Eric ,
Isaac Brock Society, The Federal Register: timeliness, date of filing, and date of publication , Posted on July 29, 2014 • by Eric,
Isaac Brock Society, Data releases on renunciation, relinquishment, and green card abandonment , Posted on March 5, 2014 • by Eric,
Data for relinquishments is not available, hence it is not shown as a stacked bar.  It was assumed that 500 relinquishments occurred per year in the first half of the period of analysis.  1000 per year were assumed for the second half of the period of the analysis.  The assumed numbers are an insignificant portion of the total, and therefore would not negate any conclusions.
*2014 figures were annualized.  I-4017 figures in 2013 were assumed double that as reported for 2013 in the report. I-407 figures for 2014 are extrapolated from 2013 by assuming that they are equal to those of 2013). NICS FBI statistics are acquired fro sep 2013 and annualized. Federal Register statistics are from Q1 and Q2 of 2014 and annualized
Here is an analysis strictly of the Federal Register Statistics (which are supposed to include renunciations, relinquishments, and I-407 cessation of greencard), versus the FBI renunciations only. It helps to pinpoint why the Federal Register is so far off, and helps to show that the Federal Register does not even match the FBI statistics.
renunciations fbi vs fed reg