USA Treasury Launches Global Citizen Tracking System, Code Names: #FATCA & #IGA

In a four year, $200 billion global development program unknowingly initiated by Congress, the US police force FINCEN has implemented a global tracking system of US citizens, their assets, their bank account numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and their social security numbers. The system allows the US information to be leaked to Al Quada, ISIS, kidnappers, and other affiliates—alternatively to be taken over as rebel groups overtake the areas where these organizations operate.

Greenwald has hopped over it. Snowden missed it–because it isn’t covert.

The system was quietly passed in a US domestic Jobs Bill, called the Jobs for Mainstreet Act, 2010 HR 2847. The enactment was nearly invisible to the media, and few of the Congresspersons even realized what it was that they had passed.

With passage of the act, a massive administration misinformation campaign was initiated, saying that the administration and treasury were out looking for 1%’ers and FATCAts.  This was to enable a muzzle against resistance and to be able to portray any opposing political parties as supporters of Tax Evasion, initiators of money laundering,  harborers of terrorists, and possibly “cat killers”.   The misinformation campaign has been largely successful (domestically and internationally), as only a few small media outlets have mentioned it.  Only a tiny handful of legislators have dared to speak against it. Members of Congress are terrified to speak against it or of it for well-justified fear of reprisal from captive media.

The administration and Treasury have been traveling extensively to these regions–to train Islamic banks in the techniques of finding “indicia” of US citizens. Upper-level Treasury appointed administers such as Jesse Eggert have traveled extensively through the region for training sessions with Islamic banks. Those IRS officials have been praised by the Sheik of Finance in Qatar for aiding those banks.

This action has been heralded in Russia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Nigeria, where the demand for identification of US citizens has skyrocketed. With this tool, low level employees, administrators, and corrupt bank officials now have access to the most sensitive personal information of US citizens and have no restrictions placed upon them for passing the information onwards to interested individuals and organizations.

The organizations in Afghanistan which are holding this data are: Afghanistan International Bank, United Bank Afghanistan, BAKHTAR BANK, New Kabul Bank Afghanistan, Afghan United Bank Afghanistan, Afghanistan Commercial Bank, Branch, AZIZI BANK, MAIWAND BANK, GHAZANFAR BANK, The First MicroFinanceBank. These organizations, their highlevel employees, and low level adminstrators are known to have ties with tribal heads in their regions. Many of these organizations are tasked also with storing the assets of tribal lords.

In Yemen: Cairnwood Global Technology Fund Ltd, Branch Yemen, Shamil Bank of Yemen and Bahrain, Tadhamon International Islamic Bank, NATIONAL BANK OF YEMEN, SABA ISLAMIC BANK, YEMEN KUWAIT BANK FOR TRADE AND INVESTMENT, Cooperative & Agricultural Credit Bank, Yemen Bank for Rec and Dev,  International Bank of Yemen, Islamic Bank of Yemen, lkuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank, Yemen Commercial Bank, ISLAMIC BANK OF YEMEN FOR FIN AND INV.

In Libya: Alejma’a alarabi bank, Libyan Foreign Bank, United Bank for Commerce and Investment Libya, Aman Bank for Commerce and Investment Libya, First Gulf Libyan Bank, Banque Sahelo Saharienne BSIC Libya.  Most of these banks are located in areas which are not accessable to US personnel.
In Nigeria, 33 organizations have been deputized to store US citizen names. In Ukraine, 202 organizations have signed up with the US government for this program.  It is most likely that more than 25% of these institutions are in rebel-held territory.  These banks have limited resources and thusly are questionable.

In Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Communist China, Algeria, Colombia, Kosovo, and others, a unique agreement between Treasury and foreign governments, code-named “IGA” has been implemented. Here, the Kosovo government has been deputized to store US citizen data. FINCEN has placed a great trust in these governments, because FINCEN does not trust US citizens.

What is an IGA?

An IGA is an Intergovernmental Agreement. In this case it is an agreement with the Executive Branch of the United States Treasury with the mentioned foreign governments. These agreements are not authorized by Congress in the way a treaty would be. Don’t forget, that the Constitution requires any foreign agreement to be ratified or initiated by Congress. And this isn’t.  This is solely an agreement between the Obama administration and these selected countries.

This system has begun implementation in more “friendly” countries prior to the mid-term elections. US citizens have already been identified in less sensitive neutral countries such as Sweden, Austria, and Thailand.  After elections, the information gathering will be ramped up significantly.

These governments and institutions will be collecting and storing this “FATCA” data outside of US territory for the coming period of 6-9 months. At the end of the period, the information will be shared with the United States police agency “FINCEN”.

A citizen warning has been placed out at the website location below.  It is also explained that it is of no help to discuss this with the ambassador in the named countries, because the ambassadors have been tasked to arrange for signatures upon the agreements and to aid in identification of US citizens.

US citizen alert:

List of foreign organizations implementing “FATCA” program

List of countries implementing “IGA” program




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