#OwnGoal Team USA: New American Kidnapping Tool Released via #IRS’ #FATCA tool

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Q: What does the IRS say to fraudsters, phishers, kidnappers, and terrorists?

A: “Boo”

Are you scared now? There’s more:

“Unauthorized kidnapping of US persons is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties”

Or, more accurately, the IRS is saying “if you should gain global access to the most personal and private data of US persons , boy are you really going to be in trouble”

Today, the IRS is launching it’s Global IRES portal for exchange of FATCA Data. This is the Obama administration long-awaited system for potential terrorists and kidnappers to assemble data of US citizens.

FATCA requires all banks in all of the world to search out any person it suspects could be a US person. All of the banks in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Azerbajzhan, China, Russia, Somalia, Yemen, and everywhere else in the world. The US Treasury has also made agreements with many countries of the world such as Kosovo, Azerbajzhan, UAE, Kosovo, and many other “trusted” governments, which shall store data.

The data stored are the addresses and contact information of each suspected US client living in that country. Also, for each US person, must be the US Social Security number, the total assets, the bank account number, and the local identity number.

Can you imagine how much this information could be worth to a terrorist or kidnapper?

Well, the internet exchange system has been opened up today.

Besides the ludicrous system of exchanging such personal data from behind battle lines to USA, one has to think of how that data is processed prior to getting into the system. Remember that there are absolutely no FATCA requirements as to how this data is to be collected and stored.

There are no restrictions that this data could be internally accumulated on any system. There are no security checks on any of the administrative clerks or IT personnel. There are no requirements for any person to not take any data home on any portable drive. There are no requirements to not store it on any portable pc. There is no control of how passwords are to be stored locally.

There is no guarantee as to who the friends of an IT administrator might be at a bank in Afghanistan, where a US person NGO worker might be located. There is no guarantee as to what the expectations might be of a corrupt upper level bank official in Yemen or Iraq or some other country requid to adhere to FATCA. There is no guarantee over what might happen if an honest Iraq banker has his laptop stolen.

remember me - Copy

How about this one? Here is a great security feature for a US Government sensitive security system: “Remember me” . Let’s give the US government some credit–no doubt they wanted to cut down on all of the post it notes with user names and passwords that are normally used in offices and homes and laptops. The computer will automatically come up with the login information  instead.

The new USA IRS FATCA US-person data collection tool for use by terrorists and kidnappers. Apply for free access now.




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