#EthnicProfiling used to Justify Taxation Method

Basking in the glory of its “successes” with the ethnic Wars on Terror and War on Drugs, America has initiated the ethnic Fiscal Wars and Ethnic-Based-Taxation,

Each of the military wars has required a popular media justification of Neocon/Neolib military actions against less-than-good existing governing regimes. In Ukraine, NeoCon/NeoLibs joined to granted military and political and covert operation support to the ethnic Ukranians in opposition to ethnic Russian election winners. In Syria, they’ve joined to support ethnic Kurds and “moderate” and extremist Islamic factions against a secular strongman. In Libya, they joined to support Muslim ethnic factions to topple Gadaffi. There are countless other actions going through tribal leaders in Afghanistan, the Sunni/Shia change-out in Iraq. The War on Drugs has separated out each of the supplying countries’ hispanic and indigenous populations and also separated out the US domestic ethnics for selective and differing enforcements. And the support of Croatian Catholics, Bosnian Muslims, Kosovo Albanian Muslims against Orthodox Serbs had even given us a name for these activities: “Balkanization”.

More US military souls were lost in the revengeful War on Terror than souls lost in the World Trade Center. The other wars (especially the ones labeled “humanitarian) have resulted in millions of dead civilians. The War on Drugs has yielded devastation in foreign countries and countless US citizens incarcerated for life. Ignoring all of that (how could you?), it has brought crippling deficit spending, endless domestic spying, searching, and airport groping for each and every innocent citizen of western countries. And none of these failures has brought any stop to any of these ethnic-based wars and death. Rather, it became a model for the new, ethnically-based War on Tax Evasion.

FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, was passed by the lopsided 2010 Congress and signed into law by President Obama. It was touted as the tool to End Tax Evasion OnceAndForAll. Since tax evasion was said to “hurt us all”, a “humanitarian” tax war was justified. Spying has been justified. Excessively punitive actions have been justified. And reversing the burden of proof has been justified. #GodBlessAmerica.

Fatqa- markup

FATCA is implemented in all of the world by searching for ethnic characteristics of “US Persons for Tax Purposes“. Every bank in every country of the world uses ethnic “FATCA indicia of a US person” . Indicia includes an “unambiguous indication of a U.S. place of birth” or previous indication of US place of birth by “other means”. Those persons that have ethnic characteristics of a US person, were justified by US law to be spied upon, exposed to excessively-punitive actions, and to reverses of burden of proof (guilty-til-proven-innocent of tax evasion). Ironically, a person may avoid those consequences by providing ethnic “documentary evidence…of non-US status”

Extensive propaganda has been released to make this ethnic identification possible– without repercussions. The first is the obvious state propoganda play-on-words title of the law “FATCA”, meaning “FATCAT“. The other obvious propaganda lies in every prejudiced first response — oh, poor you–poor poor American. It is most likely that most readers will dismiss this article within reading the first few lines, for that reason.

Countless pro-FATCA propaganda articles, TV programs, and political statements have been made in support of FATCA’s ethnic implementation. Despite countless communications from affected US citizens, few supportive press has answered. US expats have heard over and over again that they are leaving America to escape taxation, despite studies and statistics which prove otherwise. FATCA propoganda is designed to label non-US bank accounts as “offshore”. FATCA’s does not limit itself to the few thousand US residents with accounts outside USA walls– FATCA’s real intent is control 8.7 million US citizens and countless “US persons” who live, work, bank, and pay taxes in countries other than America. FATCA propoganda says that their activities are performed “offshore” .

How does “offshore” propoganda apply to any person who might live on the continent of Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, or Australia? Check the map–those are all continents–they aren’t offshore. The majority of US expats live in Mexico and Canada—NORTH AMERICA. How does FATCA propaganda succeed to call North American financial activity as “offshore”? Propaganda works best when it lands on the eyes and ears of people willing to take it in whole. Even better is propaganda which can be made to spread itself.

us person

The world has long ago been softened to the idea of sorting out ethnic Americans due to existing securities laws. US persons are prohibited from purchasing US securities outside their homeland. This policy is enacted by all of the financial institutions in all of the world, such as here. Despite being dual citizens and living in the country of their first citizenship, they are determined to be second class due to the “humanitarian” protections of their US citizenship.

Nearly every constitution of the world and the UN Declaration of Human rights prohibits discrimination based upon ethnic origin. Yet FATCA has been implemented by nearly every financial institution of the world and supported by legislation in more than half of the countries of the world. A complaint to the EU commissioner was dismissed. Countless letters by expat US citizens have been met with no response or negative response. US Ambassadors have shown loyalty to their employers (the State Dept) and have shown antagonism towards U.S. citizens.

Most modern societies say that they despise discrimination, with some exceptions of “justified” ethnic profiling and some debate of “hate speech” versus free speech. This debate came recently to the forefront as candidate Trump discussed (but later backed from) a policy of tracking of ethnic Muslims. There has however been no media discussion about all of the troubled countries of the world tracking ethnic Americans, and specifically Muslim banks and Muslim countries tracking ethnic Americans.

As ethnic Americans are identified, they are then required to have been paying ethnically-based taxes. Those that have not been paying will be subject to extraordinary fines.

All of this is so ironic. As USA was fighting its own devastating “humanitarian” ethnic Civil War, it created the law which taxes its citizens wherever they reside —because they are ethnic Americans. Supposedly, America has become less ethnically-oriented. Yet its ethnic-based taxation created in its ethnic Civil War still stands today.

America is the only country in the world with extra-territorial taxation. It is based upon the ethnic character of being a U.S. person. Eritrea also has extraterritorial personal taxation, but it calls it “voluntary”. Like USA, Eritrea searches funding for its ethnic war.

America implements its ethnic-based taxation via treaties with countries, stating that USA has last rights upon its ethnic U.S. persons even if they reside in that other country. All U.S. persons are required to report their non-US income and non-US financial assets under threat of prosecution and fine. This ethnic-based taxation method is often called “Citizenship-Based Taxation” (CBT). Ethnic-based taxation is “the imposition of taxes by a country on income not generated there, or on assets not located there, from an individual who does not live there, only because the individual is defined as a citizen of the country.”

taxes 2012

The US CBT reporting is complex, and requires the hiring of a costly U.S. tax expert. For many, that cost is beyond their measly incomes. The U.S. expert will use a complicated system of exclusions and credits to attempt to eliminate as much of the double-taxation. The result of the calculations is to tax an ethnic U.S. person to the higher of either the country of residence or US tax rate. This test is performed so that any individual taxation incidence will be “taxed up” to the higher value. The Mayor of London is unfortunately a U.S. person, he both paid U.K. sales tax upon the purchase of his U.K. home, and USA capital gains upon the sale of that home.

This ethnic extra-territorial taxation is not justified. “there is no valid justification for CBT.” the “benefits of citizenship for non-residents are minimal and do not incur any cost to the government. Therefore, citizenship should not be used as a criterion for taxation.”

Although the propaganda of FATCA was directed at a small quantity of U.S. resident tax scofflaws, the real desire of FATCA was to globally identify ethnic U.S. persons. ” Let’s … start discussing real intent. FATCA is the enforcement tool to collect IRS taxes and penalties from non US residents receiving no standard government services (schools, roads, education, or social welfare). FATCA talking points contradict the administration’s own statements upon FATCA intentions.”

The irony is endless, as USA fought its revolutionary war against the far-away land who had been taxing its colonists for services not rendered. And it fought the War of 1812 against that same far-away land who had been boarding its vessels and claiming that its residents were still citizens of that far-away land.

So the ethnic War on Tax Evasion continues without regard to casualties on innocent victims. We know who they are coming for.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Let’s put a halt to this fiscal Balkanization. It’s time to have the world media, the world’s politicians, the world’s judicial systems, and the world opinion to outwardly state that FATCA and US extra-territorial taxation is outright ethnic discrimination by national origin. It’s time for the media to step up to the plate. It’s time for the ACLU to get to work. It’s time for the 2016 politicians to follow their constitutions. It’s time for the Supreme Courts of the countries of the world to strike down FATCA and ethnic-based taxation discrimination.


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