My Government Pulls a #Biometrics Train on me: #FATCA was the Caboose


The officer told me to look into the camera and to comply with the rape machine. I was too rushed and distracted to realize that my government was raping me-taking my most personal and private biological identity into their database without my knowledgeable consent. Before I really realized what was happening, the rape was complete–my fingerprints were in the government database forever. All it had taken was for the passport issuer to tell me to put my fingers on the glass and it was done—I had been raped.

It used to be that I had been innocent until I was proven guilty. I didn’t have to answer questions and I didn’t have to provide private data to governments. There were government-insured human rights–they were in the constitutions. The governments had to have suspicion against me and had to gain court orders to get private information. But not anymore. I am now regularly raped of my financial well being and raped of my personal fingerprint identity.

My privacy virginity is like a balloon–one prick and it’s gone.

What is the feeling when the latest prick enters? When the gang bangers pull the train, the last one is called the caboose. FATCA is the caboose.

In my financial orifice and in my identity orifice–both of my governments have raped me. The government of where I live has raped me, and the rape was instigated by the country of my birth.

Yes, with FATCA, my government has forced itself deep into my most private financial affairs. Little had I realized, that the government had also forced previously itself deep into the smallest crevasses of my fingers.

My Government Demands my Fingerprints: #FATCA isn’t the first American Imperialist Intrusion into #EU and other countries

So, what happened was that I innocently went down to get my EU passport renewed. This is not a place where I expect conflict. But it turns out that they fingerprinted me as if it was just part of the process.

What process?

Well, it turns out that my country required fingerprints on passports as of 2012.

Formally adopted by the Council of the European Union(EU) in December of 2004, the Biometric Passports Regulation prescribes the compulsory biometric “enrollment” of all EU citizens applying for a new passport or passport renewal. Member States fully participating in the Schengen regime and Schengen-affiliated third countries like Norway are obliged to include two biometric identifiers into their citiz ens’ passports by the end of June 2009. Schengen-made “ e- Passports” will contain a chip storing a facial scan of the passport holder and two of his or her fingerprints.

But why the hull did EU require fingerprints in their passports?

The same article states the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. Following legislative amendments in 2002, this program required the inclusion of biometric identifiers into selected countries’ passports by October 26, 2004 in order to allow for the continuation of visa-free travel to the United States.”

Regulation (EC) 2252/2004 gives the mandate to the Commission assisted by a committee composed of experts of Member States (Article 6 committee) to establish the technical specifications necessary for the implementation of the introduction of biometrics into passports and other documents issued by Member States with a validity of more than 12 months.

And then, yes, EU did it:“As it is not possible for legal reasons to harmonise the passport format, the Commission has set out with Regulation (EC) 2252/2004 common security standards including biometric identifiers.” “The Commission adopted on 28 February 2005 the first part of the technical specifications which relate to the storage of the facial image of the holder on a contactless chip in the passport. The protection of this image is ensured by “Basic Access Control” which needs the reading of the machine readable zone in the passport for opening the chip. This Commission decision triggered the implementation time frame so that all Member States have to implement the facial image requirement at the latest on 28th August 2006. As a consequence all Member States will also fulfil the US requirements for the Visa Waiver countries to issue biometrically enabled passports by October 2006. “

So, first I got raped by the country of my residence in taking my fingerprints, as a result of rape requirements demanded by the country of my birth. Then I got raped by my country of residence by FATCA, as demanded by the country of my birth.

Because USA demanded fingerprints in passports as a condition for visa-free travel to U.S., all of the countries of the world implemented fingerprints stored into passports.

Because USA demanded FATCA implementation in all of the countries of the Milky Way, all of the countries of the Milky Way implemented FATCA to store and transmit my personal data.

Reading the 54 page referenced analysis is a study of this governmental gang rape, which is worthy of further reading, and analysis, and commentary.

Your EU country stores your fingerprints for 3 years (this is bullshirt, because your passport is valid for at least 5 years). If you use your EU passport to visit Amerika, Amerika will store your fingerprints for 75 years.

You’ve been raped by the government where you reside, because the government of your birth demanded it.


4 thoughts on “My Government Pulls a #Biometrics Train on me: #FATCA was the Caboose

  1. I am a citizen of the USA and a non-EU country. The US took my prints when I got a job with them decades ago. The non-EU European country when I got a passport & ID card. At least neither (yet) has my DNA. But I don’t see your problem. DNA denounces your close relatives. Fingerprints do not.

  2. Outside of the court system, the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty” started to be eroded a long time ago. After wartime restrictions on movement and identity requirements were lifted, it was possible in many countries to freely walk into just about any public building, private place of business, airport, dock area, etc. without being suspected of criminal or other devious intent and required to produce papers. If you had a plane ticket you couldn’t use, you could pass it to someone else. No X-ray or metal detector searches. Unless there was a reasonable suspicion that you as an individual were up to no good, you were treated as an innocent person, (except perhaps by customs and immigration officials). When picture IDs were issued, and wearing them in the work place mandated, and when private police security guards were introduced to screen or stop people, the reaction was not totally dissimilar to the above reaction to fingerprinting and DNA. What’s happening today is really just an extension of a trend that has been rolling along for decades. There’s a general agreement that some of these measures are necessary, but there’s also a strong feeling that some are not and are only an outcome of paranoia within law enforcement, or theatre designed to make us feel “safe’, all based on exaggerated fears of the consequences of relaxing such restrictions, and infringing upon privacy and other rights.

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