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Why Not Start A Cold War with the Islamunists Instead?

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The commies are gone–it’s only the loser Democrats and their neocon allies that want to have a confrontation  with Russia—and the Russians aren’t even called communists anymore. A better cold war could be with the Islamunists.

Things were so simple in the good old cold war days. We aimed all our missiles at the commies. But what do we do without them?

The Russians aren’t called communists anymore. The Yugoslavians had stopped being commies in 1980 and weren’t bothering anybody except trying not to be governed by Sharia law– but that didn’t stop us from bombing them into oblivion in the 80’s–their army is now next to nothing and their airforce is now a museum. All of Eastern Europe (mostly Catholic) is now a part of NATO. We’ve now normalized relations with (catholic) Cuba. (Catholic) Venezuela’s been sanctioned off the map and nobody can remember anything about (Catholic) Bolivia. Albania (Mostly Muslim) stopped being communist and suddenly now we love them and supposedly love having them in NATO.

Why do we hate Russia? Is it because of “aggression”? Just like our own Okinawa, Russia has had its primary Navy bases in Crimea and Syria for ages.  Do we really think that the McCain-supported “freedom-fighter” coup in Ukraine and the Kerry/Obama “moderate rebels” were neutral ideas ?

So, without communism, what is it about Russia’s philosophy to now hate?

Why do we still hate Yugoslavia (Serbia and Macedonia is all that is left of it)?

Could it be that we hate the Christian Orthodox Religion?

Is it so–that we are a nation of Jewish and Catholics and Protestants and therefore we need to hate on the Russians and Serbs and Macedonians because of their non-Catholic and non-Protestant Christianity?

So, where is our coherent strategy with our Muslim country allies and enemies?

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest supporter of terrorism is our strongest ally. We sell oodles of weapons to them, which are exported around the world to be used against Christians and NATO allies and just about everyone else of every other faith than Wahabiists.

We’re now talking about a war with Iran. They’re mostly Shiite and quite non-secular too (although they have a few Jews, Christians, Sunnis & Kurds, and Azerbajzhanis mixed in). We’re ramping up to maybe have a real war with them.

We took over Iraq. It appears that we moved out their Sunni Muslims by force and put the Iran-backed Shiites into power.  This is opposite of our strategy against Iran.

Back in Syria and Yemen, we are allying with the Sunnis (we call them moderates) and idolize the Kurds (Wikipedia says they are Sunni too), in an active war against the Syrian national government and we’ve got no idea who it really is that we are fighting against in Yemen.

There’s a bunch of other Muslim countries (such as Sudan and Eritrea and Somalia) where we have active wars, and they might be Sunni or Shiite or whatever but nobody really knows who we are actively fighting or really why.

Instead of all these active wars against all these governments with conflicting variants of the Muslim faith, how about we back off these active middle east wars and have a good Cold War instead?

Remember how much fun it was to have a cold war? We were always afraid it might happen, and we talked about it incessantly on the TV and in the schools. Why not bring it back? We wasted oodles of money on preparing for a war that never happened. Isn’t that the best kind of support for the military-industrial complex?

Instead of the bullshit with our NATO ally Turkey, we could do what we always should have done and made them into cold war enemies. Instead of absorbing Albania into NATO and encouraging their breeding and heroine trafficking into Europe, we could keep them at bay in the cold war. Instead of coddling and arming the Bosnian jihadists, providing their activities refuge in Europe and dangling them EU memberships–we could shut them off with a cold war.

Instead of having Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo where NATO watches them burning down 150 Christian churches, converting drugs and organs and bondaged girls into Rothchild bank accounts, we could just call them cold war antagonists and keep them in line with real non-mafia police and require them to answer to the government that used to be able to keep them in line.

It would be like a trade–trade off a few bad allies for a few stupid wars and replace it with a cold war instead.

Just think how much fun we could have with hype against the Islamunists. And we’d never have to have active war activity anywhere. Think of all the fun we could have by frustrating all of those jihadists that are looking to acquire 72 virgins in a real battle. They’d never get it. Wouldn’t that be immensely satisfying?

On their side of the argument, there might be a large number who might like backing to a cold war instead of a hot war. A few jihadists would be crushed without the opportunity to martyr themselves, but it’s a small price to be paid.

Think how much more simple it could be. We could have a cold war against all of them. Today, it’s just too confusing—we love some of them, and hate the others. We support and ally with some, and bomb the others. Just think how much simpler it could be if we just compromised—cut out the war against and the war for and all the confusion—replace it with cold war against all of them.

And think about it. We could get rid of the refugee problem completely–for both republicans AND democrats. Every Islamunist that wants to come to America would have to DEFECT from Islamunism and ask for immunity from Sharia law. They’d have to leave it behind. Instead of this feared vetting process, they would have to self-vet.

If an Islamunist was to come to the west, he would have to defect from the political system he was leaving. He would have to disavow the political system that requires full body coverage of women, stoning of women, death sentences for homosexuality, and all of the other stupid legal policies of Sharia law. Yes, to leave and enter the west, they would have to defect and denounce the legal system they are leaving. Only then would they be ready to seek asylum.

All of these converted Islamunists could tour the U.S. and give tours about how they left Islamunism behind. They could sell books. They’d be admired.

Yeah, that’s it. Let’s get rid of this Russophobia nonsense, get rid of the active wars, and start a real good cold war against the Islamunists. We’d enter a new 45 year period of peace governed by the avoidance of Mutual Assured Destruction.

And we could cut the bull about religion. It doesn’t have to be an issue against the religion, it can be an issue of the negative political application of weird laws upon its own religious population. It’s not the religion, its the political ism which some political fanatics themselves attach to it in what they claim is in the name of their religion. We don’t have to hate their religion, we can just have a cold war against their (they call themselves religious but really are just) bad political leaders.

Let’s scale back the cold war against the previously-communist Christian Orthodox world, stop the stupid active middle east wars, and make the Cold War against the modern Islamunists.