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Why Not Start A Cold War with the Islamunists Instead?

what hate we

The commies are gone–it’s only the loser Democrats and their neocon allies that want to have a confrontation  with Russia—and the Russians aren’t even called communists anymore. A better cold war could be with the Islamunists.

Things were so simple in the good old cold war days. We aimed all our missiles at the commies. But what do we do without them?

The Russians aren’t called communists anymore. The Yugoslavians had stopped being commies in 1980 and weren’t bothering anybody except trying not to be governed by Sharia law– but that didn’t stop us from bombing them into oblivion in the 80’s–their army is now next to nothing and their airforce is now a museum. All of Eastern Europe (mostly Catholic) is now a part of NATO. We’ve now normalized relations with (catholic) Cuba. (Catholic) Venezuela’s been sanctioned off the map and nobody can remember anything about (Catholic) Bolivia. Albania (Mostly Muslim) stopped being communist and suddenly now we love them and supposedly love having them in NATO.

Why do we hate Russia? Is it because of “aggression”? Just like our own Okinawa, Russia has had its primary Navy bases in Crimea and Syria for ages.  Do we really think that the McCain-supported “freedom-fighter” coup in Ukraine and the Kerry/Obama “moderate rebels” were neutral ideas ?

So, without communism, what is it about Russia’s philosophy to now hate?

Why do we still hate Yugoslavia (Serbia and Macedonia is all that is left of it)?

Could it be that we hate the Christian Orthodox Religion?

Is it so–that we are a nation of Jewish and Catholics and Protestants and therefore we need to hate on the Russians and Serbs and Macedonians because of their non-Catholic and non-Protestant Christianity?

So, where is our coherent strategy with our Muslim country allies and enemies?

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest supporter of terrorism is our strongest ally. We sell oodles of weapons to them, which are exported around the world to be used against Christians and NATO allies and just about everyone else of every other faith than Wahabiists.

We’re now talking about a war with Iran. They’re mostly Shiite and quite non-secular too (although they have a few Jews, Christians, Sunnis & Kurds, and Azerbajzhanis mixed in). We’re ramping up to maybe have a real war with them.

We took over Iraq. It appears that we moved out their Sunni Muslims by force and put the Iran-backed Shiites into power.  This is opposite of our strategy against Iran.

Back in Syria and Yemen, we are allying with the Sunnis (we call them moderates) and idolize the Kurds (Wikipedia says they are Sunni too), in an active war against the Syrian national government and we’ve got no idea who it really is that we are fighting against in Yemen.

There’s a bunch of other Muslim countries (such as Sudan and Eritrea and Somalia) where we have active wars, and they might be Sunni or Shiite or whatever but nobody really knows who we are actively fighting or really why.

Instead of all these active wars against all these governments with conflicting variants of the Muslim faith, how about we back off these active middle east wars and have a good Cold War instead?

Remember how much fun it was to have a cold war? We were always afraid it might happen, and we talked about it incessantly on the TV and in the schools. Why not bring it back? We wasted oodles of money on preparing for a war that never happened. Isn’t that the best kind of support for the military-industrial complex?

Instead of the bullshit with our NATO ally Turkey, we could do what we always should have done and made them into cold war enemies. Instead of absorbing Albania into NATO and encouraging their breeding and heroine trafficking into Europe, we could keep them at bay in the cold war. Instead of coddling and arming the Bosnian jihadists, providing their activities refuge in Europe and dangling them EU memberships–we could shut them off with a cold war.

Instead of having Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo where NATO watches them burning down 150 Christian churches, converting drugs and organs and bondaged girls into Rothchild bank accounts, we could just call them cold war antagonists and keep them in line with real non-mafia police and require them to answer to the government that used to be able to keep them in line.

It would be like a trade–trade off a few bad allies for a few stupid wars and replace it with a cold war instead.

Just think how much fun we could have with hype against the Islamunists. And we’d never have to have active war activity anywhere. Think of all the fun we could have by frustrating all of those jihadists that are looking to acquire 72 virgins in a real battle. They’d never get it. Wouldn’t that be immensely satisfying?

On their side of the argument, there might be a large number who might like backing to a cold war instead of a hot war. A few jihadists would be crushed without the opportunity to martyr themselves, but it’s a small price to be paid.

Think how much more simple it could be. We could have a cold war against all of them. Today, it’s just too confusing—we love some of them, and hate the others. We support and ally with some, and bomb the others. Just think how much simpler it could be if we just compromised—cut out the war against and the war for and all the confusion—replace it with cold war against all of them.

And think about it. We could get rid of the refugee problem completely–for both republicans AND democrats. Every Islamunist that wants to come to America would have to DEFECT from Islamunism and ask for immunity from Sharia law. They’d have to leave it behind. Instead of this feared vetting process, they would have to self-vet.

If an Islamunist was to come to the west, he would have to defect from the political system he was leaving. He would have to disavow the political system that requires full body coverage of women, stoning of women, death sentences for homosexuality, and all of the other stupid legal policies of Sharia law. Yes, to leave and enter the west, they would have to defect and denounce the legal system they are leaving. Only then would they be ready to seek asylum.

All of these converted Islamunists could tour the U.S. and give tours about how they left Islamunism behind. They could sell books. They’d be admired.

Yeah, that’s it. Let’s get rid of this Russophobia nonsense, get rid of the active wars, and start a real good cold war against the Islamunists. We’d enter a new 45 year period of peace governed by the avoidance of Mutual Assured Destruction.

And we could cut the bull about religion. It doesn’t have to be an issue against the religion, it can be an issue of the negative political application of weird laws upon its own religious population. It’s not the religion, its the political ism which some political fanatics themselves attach to it in what they claim is in the name of their religion. We don’t have to hate their religion, we can just have a cold war against their (they call themselves religious but really are just) bad political leaders.

Let’s scale back the cold war against the previously-communist Christian Orthodox world, stop the stupid active middle east wars, and make the Cold War against the modern Islamunists.


My Government Pulls a #Biometrics Train on me: #FATCA was the Caboose


The officer told me to look into the camera and to comply with the rape machine. I was too rushed and distracted to realize that my government was raping me-taking my most personal and private biological identity into their database without my knowledgeable consent. Before I really realized what was happening, the rape was complete–my fingerprints were in the government database forever. All it had taken was for the passport issuer to tell me to put my fingers on the glass and it was done—I had been raped.

It used to be that I had been innocent until I was proven guilty. I didn’t have to answer questions and I didn’t have to provide private data to governments. There were government-insured human rights–they were in the constitutions. The governments had to have suspicion against me and had to gain court orders to get private information. But not anymore. I am now regularly raped of my financial well being and raped of my personal fingerprint identity.

My privacy virginity is like a balloon–one prick and it’s gone.

What is the feeling when the latest prick enters? When the gang bangers pull the train, the last one is called the caboose. FATCA is the caboose.

In my financial orifice and in my identity orifice–both of my governments have raped me. The government of where I live has raped me, and the rape was instigated by the country of my birth.

Yes, with FATCA, my government has forced itself deep into my most private financial affairs. Little had I realized, that the government had also forced previously itself deep into the smallest crevasses of my fingers.

My Government Demands my Fingerprints: #FATCA isn’t the first American Imperialist Intrusion into #EU and other countries

So, what happened was that I innocently went down to get my EU passport renewed. This is not a place where I expect conflict. But it turns out that they fingerprinted me as if it was just part of the process.

What process?

Well, it turns out that my country required fingerprints on passports as of 2012.

Formally adopted by the Council of the European Union(EU) in December of 2004, the Biometric Passports Regulation prescribes the compulsory biometric “enrollment” of all EU citizens applying for a new passport or passport renewal. Member States fully participating in the Schengen regime and Schengen-affiliated third countries like Norway are obliged to include two biometric identifiers into their citiz ens’ passports by the end of June 2009. Schengen-made “ e- Passports” will contain a chip storing a facial scan of the passport holder and two of his or her fingerprints.

But why the hull did EU require fingerprints in their passports?

The same article states the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. Following legislative amendments in 2002, this program required the inclusion of biometric identifiers into selected countries’ passports by October 26, 2004 in order to allow for the continuation of visa-free travel to the United States.”

Regulation (EC) 2252/2004 gives the mandate to the Commission assisted by a committee composed of experts of Member States (Article 6 committee) to establish the technical specifications necessary for the implementation of the introduction of biometrics into passports and other documents issued by Member States with a validity of more than 12 months.

And then, yes, EU did it:“As it is not possible for legal reasons to harmonise the passport format, the Commission has set out with Regulation (EC) 2252/2004 common security standards including biometric identifiers.” “The Commission adopted on 28 February 2005 the first part of the technical specifications which relate to the storage of the facial image of the holder on a contactless chip in the passport. The protection of this image is ensured by “Basic Access Control” which needs the reading of the machine readable zone in the passport for opening the chip. This Commission decision triggered the implementation time frame so that all Member States have to implement the facial image requirement at the latest on 28th August 2006. As a consequence all Member States will also fulfil the US requirements for the Visa Waiver countries to issue biometrically enabled passports by October 2006. “

So, first I got raped by the country of my residence in taking my fingerprints, as a result of rape requirements demanded by the country of my birth. Then I got raped by my country of residence by FATCA, as demanded by the country of my birth.

Because USA demanded fingerprints in passports as a condition for visa-free travel to U.S., all of the countries of the world implemented fingerprints stored into passports.

Because USA demanded FATCA implementation in all of the countries of the Milky Way, all of the countries of the Milky Way implemented FATCA to store and transmit my personal data.

Reading the 54 page referenced analysis is a study of this governmental gang rape, which is worthy of further reading, and analysis, and commentary.

Your EU country stores your fingerprints for 3 years (this is bullshirt, because your passport is valid for at least 5 years). If you use your EU passport to visit Amerika, Amerika will store your fingerprints for 75 years.

You’ve been raped by the government where you reside, because the government of your birth demanded it.

President Announces new “Gross Taxable Product (GTP)” national economy statistic

The President declared: “Gross Taxable Product (GTP) shall replace GDP as the statistical measure of the U.S. economy” at 12:01 a.m. EDT today, April 1, 2016. “During 1991, the Republicans lowered the statistical value of the United States Economy by switching from the GNP measurement to the less-favorable GDP measurement. At no other time in history had any government official lowered the measurement of the perceived U.S. economy so drastically and made the government look so bad. The action I am taking today will more than recover from those damaging policies of the past, and make the U.S. economy to appear as taking an immediate $3 trillion jump in perceived performance”.

Most pundits responded quickly and positively to the move. MSNBC has been reporting that the announcement reverses the criticisms the President once received after having said that the United States is not exceptional. “No other country in the world measures their economy this way. Measuring the economy by the performance of its taxed individuals is something that no other country has ever done before. This is truly an exceptional announcement–contrary to what critics have been saying for so long”.

Fox News pundits immediately cast a less-than-positive light upon the announcement. “This is not the type of decision that should be made by a lame-duck president. This decision should have been put off until someone is in office who is much better at spending Americans’ money.”

Immediately after the midnight announcement, an instant polling service gathered data and comments. The results were extrapolated to the population. The results revealed


As a result of the survey, the Obama administration announced: “This new measure is a resounding success. An overwhelming majority has not objected”. “There are vey few meaningful persons that object to this measure.”

One 800 line was immediately set up for persons seeking more information about the announcement. There are no charges for the call if calling within the United States. Interest in the details of the announcement were intense. One caller from Iowa held the operator on the line for hours to acquire enough details to realize that the price of a bushel of corn won’t be affected. International callers on the (not toll-free-for-them) 1-800 line waited for hours for the Iowan to finish and to hear or have faxed the following explanation.

Gross Taxable Product (GTP) is the market value of all the products and services produced in one year by labor and property supplied by the taxable persons of a country (regardless of residence). Unlike gross domestic product (GDP), which defines production based on the geographical country of production, and Gross National Product (GNP) which allocates production based on country of ownership. GTP allocates taxable production based on country of taxation per that country’s rules of taxation..

GTP is an economic statistic that is equal to GDP plus any income earned by taxable persons from overseas investments minus income earned within the domestic economy by overseas non-taxable residents but not minus income earned globally by taxable persons and not minus income earned globally by taxable corporations.

Wheras GDP defines production based on country of production, and GNP allocates production based on country of ownership, GTP measures worldwide production of all taxable objects of a country.


The United States used GNP as its primary measure of total economic activity until 1991, when it began to use GDP. In making the switch, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) noted both that GDP provided an easier comparison of other measures of economic activity in the United States and that “virtually all other countries have already adopted GDP as their primary measure of production.”

GTP allows a measure of taxable gross production for countries which may have extra-territorial taxation of their citizens or business entities. Some countries tax their corporations worldwide, two countries (Eritrea and U.S.A) tax their citizens worldwide, and U.S.A. has worldwide taxation of United States Persons for Taxation Purposes. Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, and Spain have limited extra-territorial taxation of citizens. U.S.A. enforces this with FBAR and FATCA..

GTP is currently only completely relevant to Eritrea and U.S.A, and relevant in limited situations in Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, and Spain. Neither U.S. nor Eritrea publishes this statistic. The United States maintains all of the data for this statistic but the statistic is currently not published.

GTP is used commonly as a measure of the government’s ability to extract revenue from the productive society. Whereas GDP and GNP are measures of the success of the economy of the nation, GTP measures the success of the government in acquiring a geographically wider base from which to absorb revenues.

For the United States, Gross Taxable Product GTP is similar and nearly the same as the Gross National Person Product GNPP. GNPP measures the worldwide economy of all those labeled “persons” of that country. There can exist slight differences in a nation’s definition of “national person”. For example, in USA, there are United States Persons for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, United States persons according to the Securities Act of 1933, and a number of other definitions of United States Person, depending upon the whim of the bureaucrats who may have drafted any extra-territorial lawat any time in the history of the United States. The differences in the definition of “person” result in potentially different measures of the GNPP.

Reactions from the presidential candidates were mixed. From Senator Cruz “I don’t make any such distinctions of GDP or GTP–I will tax everybody at 10% whether or not they receive government services. The reductions in paperwork will be enormous.” Former Secretary of State Clinton stated “we plan to carry-on those extra-territorial taxations into my presidency, but we will be punishing any institution which plans not to enforce it”. Donald Trump responded “I’ve got my own GTP plan, it’s a good plan, and I’ve got good people to implement those plans. And people are looking to me to implement that plan. People all over. People that like me. It’s also called GTP, the Gross Trump Production.” Senator Sanders immediately responded “emigrants are leaving America, and renouncing their citizenship—and setting up companies that are much harder to tax. If they would all just move back to America–we’ll give them free healthcare and free education too. ”

The President declared that this was the crowning of the efforts in his career as Senator and President. “This statistic will mark the legacy of my leadership in my career”

The president announced that the plan is effective immediately, April 1, 2016, 12:01 a.m. EDT.

Reported by The Rag de l’asteroide B612, April 1, 2016, Special Edition.

To address extra-territorial taxation, FBAR, and FATCA, please help at

President #Trump Can Stop You from Leaving America

canada web site - Copy
So you think you can just leave?

… And Democrats in Congress unanimously gave him that power. Republicans and Democrats in Congress had originally given that power to the Nobel Prize winner, but now that power moves to either President Trump or President Clinton. Indeed, it’s even possible that Secretary of State Chelsea Clinton may receive that power if nominated by her wedding guest President Trump.

clinton wedding without text - Copy

In the FAST Act passed in December of 2015, Congress and President Obama empowered the President and his Secretary of State to rescind your passport, by decision power granted solely to the President’s IRS. “If the Secretary receives certification by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue that an individual has a seriously delinquent tax debt, the Secretary shall transmit such certification to the Secretary of State for action with respect to denial, revocation, or limitation of a passport pursuant to section 32101 of the FAST Act.”

Only a few years after discovering the president’s IRS had applied faulty criteria to the tax status of their boss’s opponents, the Republican-controlled Congress granted the Democratic-controlled IRS the authority to judge your tax status. If the judgement is negative, the President’s State department will take away your passport. President Obama gladly accepted the mandate with his signature upon the bill.

The money that will be raised from the threat of revoking passports was used in the Fixing Surface Transaction Act (FAST) to finance a make-work transportation bill.

Never mind that the President and Congress had sworn to uphold the Constitution. Revoking a passport is a penal action — a legal punishment. The Constitution has various provisions that are supposed to ensure a trial by judge and jury. But the FAST Act removes the judgement process from the court and delivers it to the IRS, with enforcement by the State Dept. How could that be Constitutional? Oh well, now the judgement will be up to President Trump or President Clinton. Let’s hope they like you.

How can someone have a tax assessment? I don’t know–ask the IRS. It’s all up to them–it’s not a court proceeding. And you aren’t assumed innocent, either. It’s quite possible that President Trump or President Clinton will make an “error” or might  “use inappropriate criteria”  upon your tax filing.

Wouldn’t you be notified? Well, move someplace without any forwarding addresses. You won’t get the notices.

But you can appeal? Sure. You can FILE SUIT against the government to stop them from rescinding your passport. That is, if you have lots of money.  Oh yeah–a little detail–if you sue, you are the PLAINTIFF and you have to prove the guilt of the DEFENDANT (The U.S. Government is assumed innocent until the citizen proves the government guilty).

There are 8.7 million US expats that have been complaining about this fascist legislation — to no avail. Homelanders have been happy enough with a law to punish people that live outside USA — with dependence upon their passports.

Now it’s time for Homelanders to find out how unconstitutional laws affect them.

Maybe it’s a good idea for homelanders to stay quiet about their opposition to President Trump or President Clinton. When you lose, your political affiliations might be noticed and someone you don’t like will be able to prevent you from leaving your country.




#EthnicProfiling used to Justify Taxation Method

Basking in the glory of its “successes” with the ethnic Wars on Terror and War on Drugs, America has initiated the ethnic Fiscal Wars and Ethnic-Based-Taxation,

Each of the military wars has required a popular media justification of Neocon/Neolib military actions against less-than-good existing governing regimes. In Ukraine, NeoCon/NeoLibs joined to granted military and political and covert operation support to the ethnic Ukranians in opposition to ethnic Russian election winners. In Syria, they’ve joined to support ethnic Kurds and “moderate” and extremist Islamic factions against a secular strongman. In Libya, they joined to support Muslim ethnic factions to topple Gadaffi. There are countless other actions going through tribal leaders in Afghanistan, the Sunni/Shia change-out in Iraq. The War on Drugs has separated out each of the supplying countries’ hispanic and indigenous populations and also separated out the US domestic ethnics for selective and differing enforcements. And the support of Croatian Catholics, Bosnian Muslims, Kosovo Albanian Muslims against Orthodox Serbs had even given us a name for these activities: “Balkanization”.

More US military souls were lost in the revengeful War on Terror than souls lost in the World Trade Center. The other wars (especially the ones labeled “humanitarian) have resulted in millions of dead civilians. The War on Drugs has yielded devastation in foreign countries and countless US citizens incarcerated for life. Ignoring all of that (how could you?), it has brought crippling deficit spending, endless domestic spying, searching, and airport groping for each and every innocent citizen of western countries. And none of these failures has brought any stop to any of these ethnic-based wars and death. Rather, it became a model for the new, ethnically-based War on Tax Evasion.

FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, was passed by the lopsided 2010 Congress and signed into law by President Obama. It was touted as the tool to End Tax Evasion OnceAndForAll. Since tax evasion was said to “hurt us all”, a “humanitarian” tax war was justified. Spying has been justified. Excessively punitive actions have been justified. And reversing the burden of proof has been justified. #GodBlessAmerica.

Fatqa- markup

FATCA is implemented in all of the world by searching for ethnic characteristics of “US Persons for Tax Purposes“. Every bank in every country of the world uses ethnic “FATCA indicia of a US person” . Indicia includes an “unambiguous indication of a U.S. place of birth” or previous indication of US place of birth by “other means”. Those persons that have ethnic characteristics of a US person, were justified by US law to be spied upon, exposed to excessively-punitive actions, and to reverses of burden of proof (guilty-til-proven-innocent of tax evasion). Ironically, a person may avoid those consequences by providing ethnic “documentary evidence…of non-US status”

Extensive propaganda has been released to make this ethnic identification possible– without repercussions. The first is the obvious state propoganda play-on-words title of the law “FATCA”, meaning “FATCAT“. The other obvious propaganda lies in every prejudiced first response — oh, poor you–poor poor American. It is most likely that most readers will dismiss this article within reading the first few lines, for that reason.

Countless pro-FATCA propaganda articles, TV programs, and political statements have been made in support of FATCA’s ethnic implementation. Despite countless communications from affected US citizens, few supportive press has answered. US expats have heard over and over again that they are leaving America to escape taxation, despite studies and statistics which prove otherwise. FATCA propoganda is designed to label non-US bank accounts as “offshore”. FATCA’s does not limit itself to the few thousand US residents with accounts outside USA walls– FATCA’s real intent is control 8.7 million US citizens and countless “US persons” who live, work, bank, and pay taxes in countries other than America. FATCA propoganda says that their activities are performed “offshore” .

How does “offshore” propoganda apply to any person who might live on the continent of Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, or Australia? Check the map–those are all continents–they aren’t offshore. The majority of US expats live in Mexico and Canada—NORTH AMERICA. How does FATCA propaganda succeed to call North American financial activity as “offshore”? Propaganda works best when it lands on the eyes and ears of people willing to take it in whole. Even better is propaganda which can be made to spread itself.

us person

The world has long ago been softened to the idea of sorting out ethnic Americans due to existing securities laws. US persons are prohibited from purchasing US securities outside their homeland. This policy is enacted by all of the financial institutions in all of the world, such as here. Despite being dual citizens and living in the country of their first citizenship, they are determined to be second class due to the “humanitarian” protections of their US citizenship.

Nearly every constitution of the world and the UN Declaration of Human rights prohibits discrimination based upon ethnic origin. Yet FATCA has been implemented by nearly every financial institution of the world and supported by legislation in more than half of the countries of the world. A complaint to the EU commissioner was dismissed. Countless letters by expat US citizens have been met with no response or negative response. US Ambassadors have shown loyalty to their employers (the State Dept) and have shown antagonism towards U.S. citizens.

Most modern societies say that they despise discrimination, with some exceptions of “justified” ethnic profiling and some debate of “hate speech” versus free speech. This debate came recently to the forefront as candidate Trump discussed (but later backed from) a policy of tracking of ethnic Muslims. There has however been no media discussion about all of the troubled countries of the world tracking ethnic Americans, and specifically Muslim banks and Muslim countries tracking ethnic Americans.

As ethnic Americans are identified, they are then required to have been paying ethnically-based taxes. Those that have not been paying will be subject to extraordinary fines.

All of this is so ironic. As USA was fighting its own devastating “humanitarian” ethnic Civil War, it created the law which taxes its citizens wherever they reside —because they are ethnic Americans. Supposedly, America has become less ethnically-oriented. Yet its ethnic-based taxation created in its ethnic Civil War still stands today.

America is the only country in the world with extra-territorial taxation. It is based upon the ethnic character of being a U.S. person. Eritrea also has extraterritorial personal taxation, but it calls it “voluntary”. Like USA, Eritrea searches funding for its ethnic war.

America implements its ethnic-based taxation via treaties with countries, stating that USA has last rights upon its ethnic U.S. persons even if they reside in that other country. All U.S. persons are required to report their non-US income and non-US financial assets under threat of prosecution and fine. This ethnic-based taxation method is often called “Citizenship-Based Taxation” (CBT). Ethnic-based taxation is “the imposition of taxes by a country on income not generated there, or on assets not located there, from an individual who does not live there, only because the individual is defined as a citizen of the country.”

taxes 2012

The US CBT reporting is complex, and requires the hiring of a costly U.S. tax expert. For many, that cost is beyond their measly incomes. The U.S. expert will use a complicated system of exclusions and credits to attempt to eliminate as much of the double-taxation. The result of the calculations is to tax an ethnic U.S. person to the higher of either the country of residence or US tax rate. This test is performed so that any individual taxation incidence will be “taxed up” to the higher value. The Mayor of London is unfortunately a U.S. person, he both paid U.K. sales tax upon the purchase of his U.K. home, and USA capital gains upon the sale of that home.

This ethnic extra-territorial taxation is not justified. “there is no valid justification for CBT.” the “benefits of citizenship for non-residents are minimal and do not incur any cost to the government. Therefore, citizenship should not be used as a criterion for taxation.”

Although the propaganda of FATCA was directed at a small quantity of U.S. resident tax scofflaws, the real desire of FATCA was to globally identify ethnic U.S. persons. ” Let’s … start discussing real intent. FATCA is the enforcement tool to collect IRS taxes and penalties from non US residents receiving no standard government services (schools, roads, education, or social welfare). FATCA talking points contradict the administration’s own statements upon FATCA intentions.”

The irony is endless, as USA fought its revolutionary war against the far-away land who had been taxing its colonists for services not rendered. And it fought the War of 1812 against that same far-away land who had been boarding its vessels and claiming that its residents were still citizens of that far-away land.

So the ethnic War on Tax Evasion continues without regard to casualties on innocent victims. We know who they are coming for.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Let’s put a halt to this fiscal Balkanization. It’s time to have the world media, the world’s politicians, the world’s judicial systems, and the world opinion to outwardly state that FATCA and US extra-territorial taxation is outright ethnic discrimination by national origin. It’s time for the media to step up to the plate. It’s time for the ACLU to get to work. It’s time for the 2016 politicians to follow their constitutions. It’s time for the Supreme Courts of the countries of the world to strike down FATCA and ethnic-based taxation discrimination.

#Muslim Countries Track Americans — So What about #Trump?

Where is the media outrage? Countless Islamic governments are entrusted by the Executive Branch of the U.S. government to track and report Americans — Because the US government does not trust US citizens.

Saudi Arabia obediently tracks and reports US citizens, as does Algeria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates,Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kuwait, Turkey, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Phillipines, and Indonesia. Also other secular governments such as Cambodia, China, and Ukraine who are entrusted to track US citizens.

The US government DEMANDS these governments to track US citizens. Where is the #ACLU?

These governments are not alone. Nearly EVERY government of the world is required to track and report US citizens according to instructions of the Executive Branch of the US government. Most governments in the Middle East are required to have lists of all suspected Americans, green card holders, spouses, and partners of US citizens. This is a requirement of the US government in a program called FATCA.

It’s not only Muslim countries of the world. It is all country’s of the Milky Way that must track their American residents. The basic ludicrous justification is that Americans are assumed to have moved to countries such as Finland, Sweden, France, or Australia in order to evade taxation.

Not unlike Trump’s id program, persons of American national origin are automatically suspected of of their innate criminal nature: either terrorism, money laundering, or tax evasion. In the FATCA program, US citizens are required to prove their innocence, in a methodology that the US administration calls “assuming negative presumptions” of guilt of those offences. The premise is that US citizens living outside the country cannot be trusted to use the local banks. Hence, a US citizen is required to yearly report wealth values to the US police agency Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) so as to negate the “negative presumptions of guilt”.

Note that no other race or person of any other citizenship are under suspect. Only US citizens and “US persons” are suspect.

In the FATCA program, US citizens are first identified by their banks in the countries where they live. Those banks collect Social Security numbers and total asset values (wealth) of suspected US citizens. In most countries, the local banks then give this information to the appropriate central government, entrusted in accordance with an Obama Executive Action called an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), a pseudo-treaty with that country.

Many of the countries in the identification program are so troubled as to not be able to track and report US citizens. In this case, the tracking and reporting function is delegated directly to the Muslim banks or other local financial institutions. In countries such as West Bank & Gaza (39 banks), Yemen (19 banks), Syria (1 bank), Somalia (1 bank), Iraq (71 banks), Afghanistan (13 banks), Chad (6 banks), and Venezuela (87 banks).

This is in accordance with the 2010 HR 2847 HIRE Act passed by Congress and signed by President Obama. Here are some examples of Muslim institutions who are entrusted with identifying US citizens.

Afghanistan International Bank

Bank of Jordan Syria


Islamic Bank of Yemen

Arab Islamic Bank, West Bank & Gaza

Al-Arabi Investment Group Co. Palestine

Al-Bilad Islamic Bank P.S.c., Iraq

United States Treasury administration officials have traveled to Muslim countries, in order to teach the Islamic banks how they shall executive the identification and reporting of US citizens. The picture shows the symposium where IRS officials traveled to countries NOT to support US citizens, but to support Islamic banks and Islamic compliance organizations and Islamic countries as to how to identify US citizens.

Note that America is supposedly a country with a Constitution that prohibits singling out any religion or any nationality for detrimental or preferential treatment. Why has it excluded its own race from its own Constitutional protections?

Note that USA often states that it is not at war with any religion. However, it is at war, droning, allied in war, or supplying arms or warring disturbances in most of the mentioned countries which are either Muslim-dominated or Muslim controlled. Many politicians try to say that the war is not a war between religions, although the reality is that the two sides which are dominated and affected by the mentioned religions are in a war state. Many politicians do not at all hide their beliefs that these warring actions are related to religious difference.

Why would one want its citizens to be at risk in a war country by demanding that its own citizens be id’d by such a troubled environment? Whose side is America on? Is America performing its primary function of protecting its own citizens? Or is it true that America now will stop at nothing to rout out its citizens and take out its last shekel and leptom?

Where are the human rights organizations upon tracking of US citizens by Muslim and other antagonistic countries? Where is the mainstream media? Where is the left and the right media? Who is covering this? Where are the rights protection groups such as ACLU?

In many of these Muslim countries, one will find dual citizens and sole-US citizens. In each country, there are missionaries, NGO workers, oil and natural resource workers, US exporters, and many other US citizens performing business functions. Those persons are absolutely critical to the US export economy and to the spread of US values and US DNA.

What will these Muslim governments do with the wealth data and addresses of US citizens?

What will Muslim employees do with the financial details of US citizens?

What is the value of such information if passed from bank workers to the black market?

Has America left its citizens out to dry in these countries? Is there no interest in their contributions to America’s export economy? Is it because they are assumed to be white not-to-be-pitied Christians in these Muslim lands? Are they castouts because they don’t belong to the union? Or is it because many of these are unworthy Muslim US citizens who hold dual citizenry? Are this the Constitution-free citizenry? Or is it a Constitution-free deadzone?

America is obsessed with security. Why would America make its citizens to be searched out and tracked by the countries where it is waging war for the interest of the security of America? What kind of sick anti-American logic lies behind such an Orwellian program as FATCA?

What kind of a sick establishment has evolved in Washington? Are these “alternative” candidates as sick as the rest? Will Trump, Fiorina, Carson, Sanders, Jill Biden and Gary Johnson keep FATCA under the establishment rug? Or will any of them start talking about the FATCA elephant in the room?

Under Executive Actions of the Obama administration, and with the approval and legislation of US Congress, US citizens are required to be identified and tracked by Muslim and nonfriendly countries. Who cares? Where is the Constitution? Where is the media?


(Picture shows a Middle East conference where attendees are taught by USA Treasury officials Danielle Rolfes and Jesse Eggert how to identify and report Americans)

Nothing is Legal

Not anywhere, and certainly not in the Land of the Free….. And you have no idea when you are going to jail.

For those in the Land of the Free, the absolute best that you could do (if you were able to read and understand 40,000 new laws and x,000,000,000 pages of new regulations each year) would be to confirm that you are not doing something that is illegal. But you can’t.

There are no signs that say “It is legal to park your car here”. There are only signs or written laws here or there which prohibit parking. Sometimes its always prohibited, sometimes its prohibited during certain hours of the day on certain hours of the week.

You have to live your life only knowing what you think you know. You think you know that not robbing a bank is not illegal. But you really can’t be sure unless you’ve read and understood and remembered all of those laws and all of those regulations.

This was supposed to have been “solved” by the Bill of Rights and other such constitutional instruments. But these are not useful to you either. You have the right for free speech — for everything which isn’t prohibited and for everything that any particular policeman or prosecutor doesn’t disagree with. You have the right against search and seizure, unless you live and bank outside the US.

So, instead of enjoying your life, feeling free, knowing that what you are doing is legal, and being productive to society, you really should sit down and start reading about all of the things you are doing that are illegal.

And if you are American, you will still need to know all of American laws in addition to the laws where you live–even if you aren’t in America. Your government isn’t going to help you. Your government is going to be doing everything it can to be finding you guilty and fining you. And especially be doing everything it can to find you.

So, sit down and start reading the 70,000 page US tax code. You should have known that —, in addition to filing and paying taxes in the country where you live and receive services — you also should have been filing and paying taxes to the Land of the Free. This is according to an 1860’s law that you should have read about — a law that was made to punish Civil War deserters by forcing them to pay US income taxes from Canada or Europe. Get humping.

Don’t forget to dive into the 1970’s Bank Security Act. What exciting reading it could be. It was made to punish really bad guys—criminals selling drugs and racketeering that they couldn’t convict some other way. The theory was that, if the police could not convict these bad guys using real policework and using real laws, that they would create a new law for which bad guys could be convicted. The police would use the law upon the ones that they knew were bad guys. It’s a double jeopardy law—they could convict a bad guy twice or, if they didn’t have evidence of a real crime, then they could convict a bad guy on a new law.

The new law that they created for the bad guys required that the bad guys would fill out a form (called FBAR), which declared all of the assets that the bad guys had stored outside USA. If these bad guys didn’t fill out their form and send it in yearly to the special police (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, FINCEN), then the bad guys would get jail time and huge fines which could take away the profits that they supposedly made doing all the bad things that bad people do. The law was passed unanymously and police were left with the responsibility to determine which bad guys would get prosecuted. Nobody complained about constitutionality when bad guys got double jail and their assets were confiscated three times over.

The FBAR has a special category of punishment. If someone non-willing does not report oneself to the FInancial Crimes Enforcement Network each year, the fines are up to $10,000 per violation (per account per year). No one complained about this when police and prosecutors were only going after guys that they “knew” were “badguys”

In the late 1990’s, there were only about 300,000 people that knew about and fulfilled this form law which required them to report in to the police each year.

Lo, comes 9-11, and the mood changes. It seems that there are bad guys everywhere, and nobody knows who might be a bad guy. People not banking in US are suspect. US citizens not living in US are suspect. US citizens not living in US and not banking in US could be bad guys.

Lets go to the period 2004 to 2008. The US IRS stops informing US expatriates of the FBAR form in its Publication 54 for expatriates. This creates the potential for even more unknowing persons.

Fast forward to 2009. The 2010 Congress and the President decide not to tell US citizens about what is legal and what is not illegal. Instead, they decide to locate all of the persons who have not been reading the entire book of US law and regulation. In addition, what used to be considered “burden of proof” is now becoming called “imposed certain negative presumptions” The law, FATCA is passed.

FATCA changes the assumption that the FBAR was made for bad guys. FATCA now assumes that all of the 8.7 million US citizens living overseas are bad guys. These bad guys should have been reporting themselves yearly to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

All of this required a media effort to help entrap victims and to fully collect punishment revenue. The old “The Law is the Law” saying was brought out. Also “Ignorance is no excuse (even when it was the US government enabling the ignorance). These sayings allowed the administration to label everyone except those non-ignorant 300,000 people as the new “BAD GUYs”. “TAX EVADERS”.

Yeah, right. Nonwillfully not following unconstitutional laws that no one knows about. Laws which require people to report themselves yearly to a police agency. Now FATCA is looking for all the US persons that didn’t know about the law which is designed to confiscate their assets.

So, FATCA and FBAR and dual taxation of US citizens are all laws that every US citizen not living in USA should have known about because they should have been reading the 40,000 new laws passed each year.

If you are citizen of the Land of the Free, or if you have a Greencard for the Land of the Free, or if you are one of the 10’s of millions of immigrants living in the Land of the Free, you need to be aware that you are never doing anything that is legal. Prepare yourself for FATCA and FBAR.

The 2nd Royal #FATCAt to be born in Stockholm this Summer!

How  media attacks tens of thousands of innocents, including kids.

The 1st FATCAt, Swedish Princess Leonore, was born in 2012. She should yearly report herself to US police agency FINCEN-The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, due to her assumed extensive joint assets stored in the tax haven Sweden.

 This is a hot topic. The King of Sweden never talks to the press about family matters. That’s why we here at the Rag (where we don’t print anything that doesn’t already offend ourselves”) are so happy to have been granted exclusive interview rights with the King of Sweden–to get down to the bottom of this.

Q: “We hear that your son-in-law is a FATCAt American, is that true?”

A: “I won’t comment about anything said about anybody that my daughter married”

Q: “Let’s talk about your grand children, then–is it true that they are FATCAts too?”

A: “I understand that you ask pointed questions. We have between 50,000 and 100,000 people living in our country whom USA calls “US persons for tax purposes”. In Swedish, we call all of our residents “the little people”, although that is sort of said lovingly tongue-in-cheek. My first grandaughter is automatically a US citizen, and there is nothing to be done about that until she is 18 and can make her own decision”  ” My next grandchild is due this summer.”…. “We understand that the Swedish media, the German media, and pretty much every media in the Milky Way now assumes that US citizens and US persons are all FATCAt tax cheats” “That’s what the media does–it joins up with civil governments to paint the picture that the politicians want, so they can get elected. Back when the monarchy ran things, that wasn’t needed”

Q: “Doesn’t that bother you?”

A: “Of course it does……every single one of those persons is a resident of my country. They all pay Swedish taxes. We even expect them to pay a tax on their tv. They should all be assumed to have done what they should have done, unless of course they actually didn’t. All of those things are in our constitution. We call it ‘Grundlagen’, or groud rules or basic law”

Q: “But what about all of those Americans in USA that are sending their money to Sweden–in order to avoid taxation?”

A: “I can understand how you think. You seem to be qualified to be a politician. And a member of the media–there really isn’t much difference, these days”

Q: “I don’t understand.”

A: “Neither does anybody in the US government or my own government in Sweden. They seem to think that there are criminals that would send their money to the highest taxed country in the world. And they think that a real criminal is going to fill out a form at his bank, admitting himself to be a US tax criminal by checking off one of the boxes saying

___   I am a US person

___   I am not a US person

Q: “Huh?”

A: “Yeah, my government is now bringing up a bill in our parliament–it’s a few thousand pages long–to ask 2 questions: Where were you born and what other passports do you have? Its simplicity is ludicrous and its unconstituionality is obvious, but that doesn’t seem to matter” “Does the civil government really believe that a real criminal tax evader is going to honestly admit his crime on a form? ”

Q: “Is that what FATCA is all about? It costs $25 per capita to implement in each country”

A: “Sweden is more expensive than a lot others. It will cost even more here. The smaller banks are trying to weasel out of it, but this IGA thing has already forced ALL of Swedish banks to comply to US law. I am not allowed to say whether that is good or bad. It’s been more than a hundred years since they’ve let my family give opinions about politics”

Q: “I see. Is your next granddchild going to be a FATCAt?”

A: “Again, I understand that you ask pointed questions–that you are a reporter who needn’t respect foreign titles”

Q: “Well, uh, actually, I am reporter for right now. But I am also banker, postman, fireman, and royalty of my own Kingdom. But, I have to try to be a tough guy during the time that I am a reporter for The Rag.”

A: “I understand–sort of. Remember, when you and all of your media colleagues and all of your politicians at OECD and EU and everywhere are talking about FATCAts, you are talking about 50,000 to 100,000 of my little people. And you are talking about my grandaughter and soon-to-be grandchild. I find it pretty offensive.”

Q: “Has Chris filed his FBARs for his daughter?”

A: “Get this—according to US law, the child is supposed to file its own FBARs.

Q: “Oh my God.

A: “Please—just call me “King”

Q: “Has the child yet filed its FBARs and properly reported itself to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network”

A: “I honestly don’t know. Chris says that such things are private. It’s up to him to say if they banked all of the baptism gifts in Sweden or in USA.  I also agree that they are private to the world, but because I’m the King and I need to know about the family’s reputation and I need to know for myself”

Q: “Who does know?”

A: “Well, the Swedish Secret Service is in cahoots with the USA NSA. They run their own show, and they tell the civil government what to do. No doubt that they know all of Chris’ personal finances. But they spend a load of my Kingdom’s money to do it”

Q: “Wow”

A: “Sweden has better technical spies than US has”. “And Sweden has as many servers and lines as USA has. That’s why they’ve been working together for so many years. I don’t tell this in any official capacity, here, it’s just what is written openly in lots of newspapers”

Q: “So, the Swedish intelligence has all the dirt on your granddaughter. Who else?”

A: “Perhaps our secret service has it. You know, they are as competent s any government agency. But—Well, the IRS data leaks like a sieve. Chris’ data has been accessed numerous times from the IRS databases”

Q: “wow. how could that be? Is that true”

A: “I didn’t believe it myself. Not that I don’t like Chris, I, uh, well Madeleine married him. But I was at the computer with one of my grandaughter’s 15 year old cousins, and he got into the IRS data after just 13 minutes.”

Q: “So, you know that you will soon have 2 US-person grandchildren–what will you do about it?”

A: “I asked the Swedish bar association to look into it. But they told me it was US law. They don’t have any time to look into it. They are trying to read a few thousand pages of FATCA law to implement in Sweden. There’s enough constitutional violations in that stuff to keep them working 24-7. Violations of the Swedish constitution, that is.”

Q: “So what did you do?”

A: “Same as all the little people will have to do–I’ve hired an army of US tax accountants and lawyers to look into it. It costs a fortune. I thought that Chris could deduct the costs from his US taxes, but no. I’ll just have to sluff it all of on the Swedish Royal expense budget and dump it onto the little people”

Q: “What are they looking at?”

A: “Well, they will first look to see if the trusts that I set up for the little ones are protected””I think that I am considered to be a government official, but I seriously doubt that USA respects the official status of my grandchildren as princes and princesses. We’ll see. 500 bucks an hour is the going rate for researching those questions, and we have no idea where the answers lie”

Q: ” And?

A: ” Our beautiful granddaughter might truly be FATCA reportable, because she isn’t a “government official” according to US law. If so, her bank has to report her. The Swedish bank officials in Sweden are now liable to US law and have to report everything, otherwise being prosecuted by USA—whatever that could mean” “Swedish laws are no longer relevant, it seems that US laws are what now governs the lives of Swedes”

Q: “Your bankers are subject to US prosecution under FATCA?”

A: “Probably. The Swedish government must pay a bunch of lawyers fees to find out””But the royalty is not involved in that”

Q: “Your next grandchild will be born in Sweden. You must be proud. A “real” Swedish princess (or prince)”

A: ” Well, we wish it could be so. Her father (let me remind you again–I warned my daughter about these things) is an American. His next child (although born in Sweden) is automatically American, too. Only the child can get rid of it when the child becomes 18. The media automatically calls her a FATCAt”

Q: “ouch”

A: “We had a talk. She persuaded me. I just wish she had researched it as much as her girfriends had. One of them talked to an anonymous advice site. And ended up dumping that American because of his government. …

Oh well, we are just happy to have a grandaughter and another on the way”

Q: “The government is passing a law that finds all US persons living in Sweden–like your grandchildren–What do you think of that?”

A: “150 years ago–my family was making the laws. We made laws for the benefit of Sweden, not because we were threatened by other governments”

Q: “How do you mean?”

A: “Well, Swedish banks were threatened with 30% sanctions if they didn’t succumb to USA’s FATCA laws. Instead of standing up to those sanctions and protecting Sweden, the civil government decided to adapt the US laws”

Q: “What do you think about that?”

A: “I only tell you what has happened. I can’t say my opinion about how the government should do this or do that”

Q: “I see. Your grandchildren?”

A: “They are US persons. There is nothing we can do about it, except the same as what all the little people are doing. We are paying an army of US lawyers and accountants to protect them, just like the little people need to do. Except that we have loads of money and the little people don’t”

Q: “And the civil government?”

A: “They don’t care—they are passing the law because they can’t stand up against the threat of 30% sanctions. And they have persuaded themselves that USA will give something back to them, even though they know they won’t”

Q:: “Nothing?”

A: “My great grandfather had a Swedish word which, loosely translated, is something similar to “bullshit”, But that word became archaic as the monarchy lost its mandate—that word eventually morphed into a meaning similar to ‘´parliamentary review’.”

Q: “Can you explain?”

A: ” ‘Reciprocity: The Government of the United States acknowledges the need to achieve equivalent levels of reciprocal automatic information exchange with Sweden. The Government of the United States is committed to further improve transparency and enhance the exchange relationship with Sweden by pursuing the adoption of regulations and advocating and supporting relevant legislation to achieve such equivalent levels of reciprocal automatic information exchange…’ That’s what they signed. . Can you believe it?”

“This means ‘Sweden is giving all of the private information of my granddaughters to USA, and in return we get a load of USA doublespeak”

Q: “Sweden gets nothing

A: “Sweden gets nothing. Sweden pays everything. That’s what happens when the Royal family isn’t in charge. I would ignore it all if it weren’t an attack on the “little people” and my grandchildren.”

Q: “Did the civil government think about what the grandchildren should have been doing, and the penalties behind it?

A: “No. They say that the consequences belong to those US persons. I’ve got the lawyers assigned to look into all the stuff about if Princesses could be exempted from filing FBARs. It doesn’t look promising. And it’s criminal law (section 31).  On top of that, MORE lawyers have to look into TAX law and the 8938 form and a bunch of other reporting forms and if a princess could be excluded from those. It isn’t looking good. And the threats of penalties for mistakes are enormous. Just think what is going to happen to all those little people. They’ll be ruined.

Q: “This has been informative, but I have over-run my copy inches with this interview. My boss at The Rag is going to be furious”

A:” Oh? Who is that?”

Q: “Well, uh, that’s me. It’s also me who has to implement all this same bullshit at Banc de L’asteroide B612.”



(psst this is satire-as attested by my unlegal advisors)

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How  media attacks 100K innocents, including kids. Satire is reality

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Bail In’s Enacted at the last G20 meeting: “Banks may take your money to cope with crisis”

             Q: Is your money safe with your bank?

             A: No, your bank is safe with your money.

“Banks may take your money to cope with crisis” (The Cyprus Model is adapted globally)

Below is the translation

The question is not if, but when the banking crisis occurs. And then the major banks have the right to take your life savings in order to save themselves and the financial system. The Decision was clubbed through recently at the G20. Because of Sweden’s EU membership, Sweden must follow the directives.

The Swedish model has been clear. When the Swedish banks have financial problems it borrows Swedish state money. The system is called bail out”. But this changed at the G20 summit in November last year. A new international standard for the world’s major banks was resolved last year.. During a crisis, the bank is allowed to take their clients ‘capital, ie individuals’ savings accounts and pension funds, in order to save themselves: A so-called “bail-in”.

The risk for savers is obvious, as you can read in the analysis alongside. The new system applies primarily to large banks with implications for the global economy, the so-called Global Systemi- Important Bank. The only Swedish bank Nordea and Danske bank also active here. But even more Swedish banks SEB and of Swedbank, may be affected by the new directives.
On the Swedish banking association thinks chief economist Johan Hansing that the decision is good.

Our approach to this process is basically positive. We think it is obvious that if a bank is experiencing problems, the bank shall as far as possible handle problems without the government having to go in to mediate.

What is it that is so bad that the state should go in?

The system is based on the fact that the state assumes the responsibility, but there must be enough capital so that taxpayers should not have to pay for the bank to cope.

Must follow the directives
Sweden is not a member of the G20 but still has a duty to comply with the directives of the EU membership. But the question is complicated by the Financial Crisis Committee submitting a report to the Finance Ministry on how a banking crisis should be handled. It says that Sweden should act in a different way (than previous).

Our proposal builds on the contrary, if banks get into more serious problems, the state should have the opportunity to take control of the bank. State shall be able to write down receivables or convert them into equity. The whole idea is to give the banks’ owners and financiers greater responsibility for the losses a bank may encounter, says Lars Hörngren who led the investigation.

Financial Crisis Committee has the task of the EU directives are and then work it into a Swedish bill. The investigation is located on the Treasury and Lars Hörngren hope it can be decided on a new law during the first half of the 2015th

“Gets a celestial life”

But that Sweden would make a law that goes against the decision taken at the G20 does not matter. I think today’s ETC’s economy writer Stefan Koch, now sounding the alarm about the decision at the G20 meeting.

I do not think that goes against the directives, I think driving on with this. This course an international standard that is set now, he says.

What do you think will happen when a banking crisis?
I think people will be quite mad when it happens. We could see it in Cyprus in 2013 which had as proposals to take savers’ money to rescue the remaining banks. There were large demonstrations and a solution that involved a kind of middle way in which those with savings of € 100 000 had to pay a portion. When it starts to talk about private bank accounts which also belong to the middle class becomes a celestial life.

Today ETC has no result sought Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson with the question how the government agrees to the G20‘s decision. Neither Nordea, the only bank with a foothold in Sweden as part of the new system, has wanted to leave a comment on how they intend to deal with a banking crisis.

cyprus - Copy

and “Timeline For “Bail-In” Of G20 Banking System”

This implies that the Dodd Frank and its revisions likely are the implementors.
(In order to implement evil–hide it in the boring.

“How did it happen?

How did we come to a place where an unknown, unelected body of bankers and bureaucrats — chaired since its inception by former Goldman Sachs men — has duped the G20 heads of government into endorsing a scheme to “bail-in” the insolvent private sector banking system by stealing the savings of taxpayers?”………..

If you want to keep your money safe: bank with us, at

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