#Muslim Countries Track Americans — So What about #Trump?

Where is the media outrage? Countless Islamic governments are entrusted by the Executive Branch of the U.S. government to track and report Americans — Because the US government does not trust US citizens.

Saudi Arabia obediently tracks and reports US citizens, as does Algeria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates,Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kuwait, Turkey, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Phillipines, and Indonesia. Also other secular governments such as Cambodia, China, and Ukraine who are entrusted to track US citizens.

The US government DEMANDS these governments to track US citizens. Where is the #ACLU?

These governments are not alone. Nearly EVERY government of the world is required to track and report US citizens according to instructions of the Executive Branch of the US government. Most governments in the Middle East are required to have lists of all suspected Americans, green card holders, spouses, and partners of US citizens. This is a requirement of the US government in a program called FATCA.

It’s not only Muslim countries of the world. It is all country’s of the Milky Way that must track their American residents. The basic ludicrous justification is that Americans are assumed to have moved to countries such as Finland, Sweden, France, or Australia in order to evade taxation.

Not unlike Trump’s id program, persons of American national origin are automatically suspected of of their innate criminal nature: either terrorism, money laundering, or tax evasion. In the FATCA program, US citizens are required to prove their innocence, in a methodology that the US administration calls “assuming negative presumptions” of guilt of those offences. The premise is that US citizens living outside the country cannot be trusted to use the local banks. Hence, a US citizen is required to yearly report wealth values to the US police agency Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) so as to negate the “negative presumptions of guilt”.

Note that no other race or person of any other citizenship are under suspect. Only US citizens and “US persons” are suspect.

In the FATCA program, US citizens are first identified by their banks in the countries where they live. Those banks collect Social Security numbers and total asset values (wealth) of suspected US citizens. In most countries, the local banks then give this information to the appropriate central government, entrusted in accordance with an Obama Executive Action called an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), a pseudo-treaty with that country.

Many of the countries in the identification program are so troubled as to not be able to track and report US citizens. In this case, the tracking and reporting function is delegated directly to the Muslim banks or other local financial institutions. In countries such as West Bank & Gaza (39 banks), Yemen (19 banks), Syria (1 bank), Somalia (1 bank), Iraq (71 banks), Afghanistan (13 banks), Chad (6 banks), and Venezuela (87 banks).

This is in accordance with the 2010 HR 2847 HIRE Act passed by Congress and signed by President Obama. Here are some examples of Muslim institutions who are entrusted with identifying US citizens.

Afghanistan International Bank

Bank of Jordan Syria


Islamic Bank of Yemen

Arab Islamic Bank, West Bank & Gaza

Al-Arabi Investment Group Co. Palestine

Al-Bilad Islamic Bank P.S.c., Iraq

United States Treasury administration officials have traveled to Muslim countries, in order to teach the Islamic banks how they shall executive the identification and reporting of US citizens. The picture shows the symposium where IRS officials traveled to countries NOT to support US citizens, but to support Islamic banks and Islamic compliance organizations and Islamic countries as to how to identify US citizens.

Note that America is supposedly a country with a Constitution that prohibits singling out any religion or any nationality for detrimental or preferential treatment. Why has it excluded its own race from its own Constitutional protections?

Note that USA often states that it is not at war with any religion. However, it is at war, droning, allied in war, or supplying arms or warring disturbances in most of the mentioned countries which are either Muslim-dominated or Muslim controlled. Many politicians try to say that the war is not a war between religions, although the reality is that the two sides which are dominated and affected by the mentioned religions are in a war state. Many politicians do not at all hide their beliefs that these warring actions are related to religious difference.

Why would one want its citizens to be at risk in a war country by demanding that its own citizens be id’d by such a troubled environment? Whose side is America on? Is America performing its primary function of protecting its own citizens? Or is it true that America now will stop at nothing to rout out its citizens and take out its last shekel and leptom?

Where are the human rights organizations upon tracking of US citizens by Muslim and other antagonistic countries? Where is the mainstream media? Where is the left and the right media? Who is covering this? Where are the rights protection groups such as ACLU?

In many of these Muslim countries, one will find dual citizens and sole-US citizens. In each country, there are missionaries, NGO workers, oil and natural resource workers, US exporters, and many other US citizens performing business functions. Those persons are absolutely critical to the US export economy and to the spread of US values and US DNA.

What will these Muslim governments do with the wealth data and addresses of US citizens?

What will Muslim employees do with the financial details of US citizens?

What is the value of such information if passed from bank workers to the black market?

Has America left its citizens out to dry in these countries? Is there no interest in their contributions to America’s export economy? Is it because they are assumed to be white not-to-be-pitied Christians in these Muslim lands? Are they castouts because they don’t belong to the union? Or is it because many of these are unworthy Muslim US citizens who hold dual citizenry? Are this the Constitution-free citizenry? Or is it a Constitution-free deadzone?

America is obsessed with security. Why would America make its citizens to be searched out and tracked by the countries where it is waging war for the interest of the security of America? What kind of sick anti-American logic lies behind such an Orwellian program as FATCA?

What kind of a sick establishment has evolved in Washington? Are these “alternative” candidates as sick as the rest? Will Trump, Fiorina, Carson, Sanders, Jill Biden and Gary Johnson keep FATCA under the establishment rug? Or will any of them start talking about the FATCA elephant in the room?

Under Executive Actions of the Obama administration, and with the approval and legislation of US Congress, US citizens are required to be identified and tracked by Muslim and nonfriendly countries. Who cares? Where is the Constitution? Where is the media?


(Picture shows a Middle East conference where attendees are taught by USA Treasury officials Danielle Rolfes and Jesse Eggert how to identify and report Americans)


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